One more incredible day!

It is Saturday night in Cape Town. We spent the most amazing evening/night at the Microsoft Innovative Teachers Forum Gala Event. It was held in a botanical garden that can only be described as "out of this world".  The evening felt like the oscars... One might say it was the Oscars of education.

Everyone dressed in gowns and suits, ready to acknowledge the best innovative teachers in the world. The Canadian team sat. At a verity of tables with colleagues  whom they have developed relationships with. From Kenya to France to Norway to the United States, the world was definitely united.

We were treated with incredible African dancing, song and stories that were used to introduce each part of the evening.
Two Canadian teams were semi finalists, Curtis and I and Ian our team mate from New Brunswick.

We were both finalists in the collaborative project category. There were 12 finalists. Ian won third place. we are so incredibly proud of him. We did not get an official placement but being that we were top 12 of 200 000 projects I am proud to say Canada was well represented in Cape Town.

My hope was that we would place top 3 to recognize Curtis for going above and beyond in so many ways, however, Curtis expressed that this event has changed his way of thinking about education and he will never be the same educator again. That, to me, is more important than any award, student not only in the Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division will be touched by him, but also many many students and educators from around the world.

We are also extremely proud to announce that Samuel, an educator from Ghana, who only has access to three computers, and has become a very close friend to Curtis and he took first place in the world in the community category. This only reaffirms that it is not what you hve, it is what you do with what you have that counts.

We spent the rest of the evening dancing and visiting with out friends around the world.

Today we spent the afternoon at Robben Island, the site where Nelson Mandela was held for 19 years. This place gave me an uneasy feeling. Not just because it was a prison island, but that it is an absolutely beautiful island yet the home of 4 prisons where political prisoners were held unjustly for so long.

Again, we will add pictures when we can.

Tomorrow, we are off on a safari. We hear it is something indescribable. We will update you after we chase some elephants!

Have a Great Day!

Kelli & Curtis

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Super job guys

Looking forward to the stories when you return

We are all very proud of you

Kelli - I am typing this on my IPad


Hi I'm incredibly proud of you Curtis and your team. Lots of hard work, lots of time and energy as well as inovation. Be proud dear friend.

So proud to know you Curtis. Your team have done something outstanding for Canadian Education and I hope that you will all be an inspiration to other educators around the world. What an achievement!

What an outstanding accomplishment! Thank you for pointing out how we can create amazing projects with very litte. It is indeed true that it is what we do with what we have that counts. We are fortunate to have two amazing leaders! Dance up a storm!

Congratulations! It sounds like it was a spectacular evening. It is neat to have made connections with educators around the world.

Super work everyone! It is wonderful to read the stories of so many accomplishments both here at home and especially from those with minimal resources. Thanks, Kelli and Curtis, for sharing the journey not only in Soth Africa but about education locally and globally! All of us at GSCS are proud of your well deserved award!!!

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