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    Here is short video detailing one of our on-line chat sessions:

    Chat Room Reminders to students

    -All chats are recorded at all times and will be posted on out Atlantic Rim blog for anyone to access

    -There will be 1-2 teacher's monitoring in each room

    -The purpose of this chat is to learn more about another country


    Chat Room Rules

    -Be positive at all times

    -Don't dominate discussion - there may be up to 10 people in each room- give everybody a chance to speak

    -Stay on the topic of the room

    -Every time a question is asked give people a chance to answer it - don't immediately ask something else

    -No sharing of personal information - at a later date with parental permission, you may be allowed to share other contact info but at this point we will keep all of our communication to Cyber Planets

    -No Shouting - do not use all capital letters when posting messages. The use of all capital letters when posting a message in a in a chat room or during an Instant Messaging session is considered shouting and very poor manners. Here is an example of shouting: THIS IS AN EXAMPLE OF SHOUTING IN A CHAT ROOM.

    -If rules are broken students will be asked to leave the chatroom


    Chat Room Moderator Reminders

    -Keep the discussion on topic

    -Every time the discussion goes off on a tangent remind the group of the topic


    Chatroom Topics

     Chatroom 1.

    Personal Beliefs and Values

    You will evaluate and represent personal beliefs and values by determining how culture and place influence them.


    Chatroom 2.

    Social and Cultural Diversity

    You will examine the social and cultural diversity that exists in the world


    Chatroom  3.

    The Impact of Global Interdependence

    You will develop an understanding that global interdependence impacts individual daily life 


    Chatroom 4.

    Cultural Change

    Explore aspects of cultural change over time, including:

    • reasons for cultural change
    • examples of cultural change
    • how cultural change affects youth
    • how youth respond to cultural change.


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