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Please note: if you want to quick post on various computers, you will have to set it up on each of those computers.

If you are running Internet Explorer on Windows, you can install a QuickPost option into the context-sensitive right-click menu. Click on the "Add QuickPost to Windows right-click" menu link that was also generated while creating the QuickPost bookmarklet. Accept the browser prompt to "Open the File." You will then need to quit your browser and restart it before you are able to see the QuickPost link in the right-click menu.

If you would like to view screen shots and follow a simple tutorial of this process  please download the following PDF file.

Quickposting allows you to post to your blog  from anywhere on the web. When viewing a page that you want to post about, click the "QuickPost" bookmark to open a popup window with a special Movable Type editing window. From that window you can select a weblog, enter your post, and publish.

This is neat feature that helps you "quickpost" to your blog if you only have seconds to do so!

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