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The Blog Styles are back up and running. 

Blog Styles

Unfortunately I have had to disable the Style option for your blogs. If you have ever changed or tried to change your blog style you will notice that the option under the Design Tab is now gone. This is not permanent and I hope to have it up and running in the very near future.

If you have any questions please contact Sandra Climenhaga at or use the live Help Desk chat on the Cyber School Web Site
We've installed a new set up templates styles for your blog. THIS IS ONLY FOR NEW STYLE BLOGS. If your blog is green and yellow you have an old blog and it will not work for you. To change your color/theme/style go to Design/Styles/Click on Code Monkey Ramblings. Click on the different options that come up to preview the style. Click Apply design to see your blog take on the new style. If you need help, call or email Raylene Stromberg: 659-7700 or
If you want to change the look of your blog or the colours use the site below to do so. This will only work if you have a new style blog. (If your blog is green and yellow this site will not work for you)

this site should only be used if you feel comfortable getting into the guts of your blog templates.

Movable Type Design Assistant Welcome to the Movable Type Design Assistant Get Started Your Movable Type blog deserves a design as unique as your ideas. This tool helps everyone from beginners to experts select, customize, and apply a custom design to an MT-powered site.

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