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Uploading Images Tutorial

If you receive this message try renaming your file. Make sure you do not have any periods or other odd characters that may affect how the file is uploaded.

The following pdf file will provide screen shots, showing you how to insert images into your entries. The process is identical for uploading files.

Download file




Yes you can. You need to get the HTML code for the file. To get this information you need to go to the entry where you last used that file. In the entry area highlight the "Download File" and copy it. Create your new entry and in the body paste the download file information. This will create a link to the desired file.

You are not able to overwrite, or delete any file you upload.

If you want to upload the same file you must choose the local site path menu and type in a folder name - What ever you choose for a folder name will be automatically added to your blog folder. (ie: if you are uploading your timetable document try - using the folder name timetable2006)

Be sure to take note of what folders you create and where your files are stored.

Another option would be to rename the file so that you can upload it again.

Please note: You cannot makes changes to the file once it is uploaded.

If you need files deleted from your blog folder please call: 650-7700

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