Questionaire for Block 1 2013-14 School Year

Exit Slips

GPA Final Assignment.

Job Transition Plan

Once you have completed your assignment please use your Role History, Job Profile 1 and Job Change Notice, and the links that have been provided to create a personal short-term Job Transition Plan for your character. Remind them that these items are also the basis for preparing a Résumé, identifying employers with talent needs they can fill, and preparing for a job interview.

Job Transition Plan

Change is Constant

Job Change Factors.pdf

Job Action Plan Visit Career Cruising and search job in relations to the field that you might be in.
Submit explanations of five of those field to

Job Application Form

Your Role History

Role History

According to your role History on the Be Real Game .   Complete this form and submit it to me.

Journal Entry #1

Upon completion of you role history do the journal entry.

Career Choice Research

Career Job Reasearch

Career Job Reasearch