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Career Choice Research

Career Job Reasearch

Career Job Reasearch

Career Choices

Please identify local business, government or community organizations that employ people in your  Dream Role or in entry level jobs on a career path leading to their Dream Role. These are tools to Inform you of resources and links in the career pathway.

Placement specialists in public or private employment/placement agencies and in a local university, community college, public or private trade, technical or vocational institute. All have excellent networks of contacts with local employers.

Gateway Assignment

Some people discover their Dream Role (their "calling") early and enjoy a full career in one occupation (i.e., Dentist, Teacher, Electrician). Most people's career paths are more varied.

 The goal is not necessarily to find a single occupation that will be perfect for a lifetime. It is to find the best possible pathways through the maze of evolving career possibilities. You will find you probably won't know at the outset all their future roles along your career path. For most this will be an unfolding, lifelong story. They key, as with any maze, is where one starts.

 Gateways to My Future visual offers five gateways from secondary school to adult life. Choose  which gateway(s) could be the beginning of their career path to your Dream Role.

You are to start the process of finding your dream career.  Open Career Cruising and explore the database for your dream job.  Remember everything starts some where.

You should be looking for career paths to and from potential Dream Roles. For example, a Dream Role might be Astronaut. Roles on a career path leading to it could be Aerospace Engineer and Fighter Pilot. Roles leading from it could be many, including, for example, Politician.

Once you have found a career that might interest you click on the link below and fill in the form.

Gateway to the Future Assignment

Gateway to the Future


  1. list at least 3 occupations that they feel would satisfy their top 5 work characteristics. Explore and research occupational possibilities using Career Cruising or resources available to you.
  2. Things to add are schooling needed, a description of the occupation, work environment, etc..
  3. Place the information in a word doc and e-mail it to me

Personal Exploration Chart

Assignments to Date

These Assignments are now past due.  Please complete them and submit via e-mail.


Journal Entry 1 In the beginning
Journal Entry 2 The High Five Principles
Journal Entry 3 Job Search
Journal Entry 4 -Lifestyle Choices
Journal Entry 5 Life/Work Balance
Journal Entry 6 My Monthly Budget
Journal Entry 7 Change is Constant
Journal Entry 8 Focus on the Journey
Journal Entry 9 Looking Back, Looking Ahead


My Life Work
Adult Work Interview
Role History
Job Application Form
Resume Skeleton
Where does all the time go?
So Much to Do
Time For Me
Monthly Budget Worksheet
Job Transition Plan
EI application Form
Gateway to my Future

Job Application Formedit.pdf

Change is Constant Journal

Monthly Budget Journal entry Nov. 4

Personal Reflection (BR Journal)

  • What were the most difficult choices you had to make to balance your monthly budget?
  • How do Mathematics skills apply now in your life? Will they still apply when you are working and making lifestyle choices?
  • Why is budgeting important?
  • How might money in a savings account be used?
  • How can you learn more about managing your money and planning for future financial security?
  • Does this activity help you understand why adults can't always buy everything their families want?
  • How does your character's lifestyle differ from the lifestyle you want?

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