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Some people discover their Dream Role (their "calling") early and enjoy a full career in one occupation (i.e., Dentist, Teacher, Electrician). Most people's career paths are more varied.

 The goal is not necessarily to find a single occupation that will be perfect for a lifetime. It is to find the best possible pathways through the maze of evolving career possibilities. You will find you probably won't know at the outset all their future roles along your career path. For most this will be an unfolding, lifelong story. They key, as with any maze, is where one starts.

 Gateways to My Future visual offers five gateways from secondary school to adult life. Choose  which gateway(s) could be the beginning of their career path to your Dream Role.

You are to start the process of finding your dream career.  Open Career Cruising and explore the database for your dream job.  Remember everything starts some where.

You should be looking for career paths to and from potential Dream Roles. For example, a Dream Role might be Astronaut. Roles on a career path leading to it could be Aerospace Engineer and Fighter Pilot. Roles leading from it could be many, including, for example, Politician.

Once you have found a career that might interest you click on the link below and fill in the form.

Gateway to the Future Assignment

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