USC1.4 h. Describe additional expectations for pedestrian safety (e.g., know parents'/caregivers' telephonenumber or other ways to make contact; always let a trusted adult know where you are going and the 'path' you are taking; walk with a buddy; follow established bussing, walking, and biking routes; cross at pedestrian crossings, "Point, Pause, Proceed" at cross walks/corners).

First Nations, M├ętis & Inuit Education Integration Resources:

  • Read The Star People: A Lakota Story by S.D. Nelson.  The book is available from , or  In the story a fire happens when the children wonder away from home.  Their Grandmother watches over them from the stars.  The children ran away from home without telling their parents.  Talk about the importance of telling an adult where you are going.
Catholic Faith Permeation Resources:

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