Compose and Create


a. Use inquiry to extend understanding of a particular topic related to the themes and issues being studied as follows

  • generate key research questions to guide inquiry and seek required information and data from a variety of sources (e.g., observations, interviews, print, electronic, and video resources)
  • summarize and focus personal knowledge of a topic to determine information needs
  • create and follow a plan to collect and record information within a pre-established frame
  • assess completeness and relevance of ideas and information
  • cite more than one source, when appropriate (Use two to three informational sources to research an assigned topic.)
  • evaluate the appropriateness of information for a particular audience, form, and purpose
  • identify gaps in information and collect and gather additional information
  • relate gathered information to prior knowledge to reach conclusion and develop point of view
  • recognize and avoid plagiarism
  • use the language of inquiry (e.g., "I wonder if....", 'What do I want to find out?', 'What do I need to do next?').
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