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Ashley H


Hello! My name is Ashley Howe. I am 18 years old  and currently finishing my Grade 12 at Oskayak High School.  On July 1st 2011, some of my graduating class will be leaving for an educational trip to New Zealand to learn about the Maori Culture.  The graduates have been working very hard academically and attending school regularly.  We have been fundraising throughout the school year  but have not made enough for our travel expenses such as accommodation , food and air fare.   In order for me to go  overseas, I am seeking sponsorship of $1000.00.

In return for your sponsorship I am willing to volunteer with: babysitting, house cleaning, yard work, help in your community  or place of business.  I appreciate the support and I am willing to do what is necessary to repay  you .  I do have various work experience and enjoy working with the public.  I am able to work evenings and weekends or at your convenience.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of this documentary with Blue Hill Productions, as we meet the Maori people and explore an entirely different land.  School is coming to a close and I am looking forward to entering the workplace or go on to post secondary education in the fall.