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Television Series

Bluehill Productions director Doug Cuthand and crew will produce a 6 part televeision documentary to be aired on APTN in January 2012.

Short Synopsis

We will follow a group of students as they plan and work to finance a trip to New Zealand. The students are pupils of Oskayak High School in Saskatoon, a high school that has a large percentage of aboriginal students. Poverty, racism and brushes with the law are challenges in their young lives. With this background they plan to take a class trip to New Zealand. It's a brave plan and we will follow them as they carry it out and make the trip of their lifetime.

   Long Synopsis

In this six part half hour series we will follow a group of high school students as they plan and work to pay for an international trip as a class project. Our subjects are aboriginal students that students who come from homes within the city and across the province. The school is open to all races but it has been designated an indigenous high school by the Catholic school Board. There are numerous indigenous students attending the regular high school system but Oskayak has concentrated on keeping students in school and working with "at risk" youth.

Therefore we will be following a special group of students. Students of single parents who live below the poverty line, Students where the girls have day care issues and the boys with probation officers and gang style peer group. These are the students who dare to dream of going half way around the world to meet their indigenous counterparts in  New Zealand.

We will follow the students and their teachers as they plan and work to earn the money to take the trip. They have problems of financial resources, passports and travel documents, criminal record checks and pardons if possible.

We will follow the students to their homes and give the viewer a sense of what they face living at or below the poverty line in a single parent home facing daily issues of crowded living conditions, limited support and racism.

We will accompany the students on the flight and cover their reactions, sleeping on the long flight and the excitement of their arrival. Most of the students have not flown in the past so their reaction will be interesting.

While they are in Australia and New Zealand they will be guests of the indigenous peoples. We will cover them as they make new friends, discover new places and make cultural exchanges. The students will travel to new places volcanos and hot springs in New Zealand.

In the end we will return to Saskatoon and share their memories. Over the course of this series we will concentrate on a few young people and record their life challenges and their personal growth. We will create a story that takes the viewer on a personal journey with the students and lets them share their lives for one school year.

Program format

We will tell the story in a documentary format in six half hour episodes. The series will be episodic and follow the students from the beginning of the school year to the end where they will make their trip and return to graduation.