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One of the most important aspects of organizing and implementing the Cyber School was the selection and recruitment of staff. If course material creation, implementation, management and delivery were to be the responsibility of teacher/developers assisted by the administration, it was imperative the selection be based on sound pedagogical principles. Staff recruitment was completed under the advisement of a council consisting of the Catholic School board's five superintendents, the Principals from the five high schools, and the Project Coordinator.

The goal of the council was to critically examine the qualities and skills necessary in a prospective developer/teacher and balance these against the needs of the schools from which the staff would be selected. It was decided no teacher would be transferred completely into the Cyber School full time in order to offset the loss of these valuable staff members in their home schools, and to preserve some presence in a traditional educational setting, an issue seen as having utmost importance. Developer/Teachers for this initiative were specifically chosen based on the following criteria:
- Adaptability
- Computer skills
- Recognized leadership in current school settings
- Sound pedagogical approach
- Subject level mastery
- Team-oriented philosophy
These attributes are not listed here in order of importance and previous computer skills were explicitly not to outweigh any other of the factors listed in the selection criteria. Previous experience has shown the most significant indicator of quality in the creation of an online course is selecting a master teacher and asking them to adapt, create, and model quality educational activities in this new forum. Technological skills and computer literacy are developed as part of this process.

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