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The Saskatoon Catholic School System has been a frontier in the development of education in the cyber world.

In the past, various teachers in the division have created subject curriculums online and ultimately taught these subjects as accredited courses. Having the opportunity to learn online as part of the Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School has been very beneficial to the 3400 students who have taken courses in the past 4 years.

The Cyber School has recently launched Cyber Planets. These are Learning Communities for students in grades 2-8. They include elementary lessons and resources based on technology for grades 4 - 8 as well as math resources for grades 7 and 8. These resources have been widely accepted throughout the school division and being used by over 1000 students. The Cyber Planets also house educational web activities filtered by grade and subject.

Cyber School has further advanced its contributions to the education system by developing and launching "Online Teacher Learning Communities”. These 'Learning Communities' serve as a collection of useful resources for grade levels from kindergarten to grade 12 and encompass all subjects; from Physical Education to Aboriginal/First Nations Education. The resources are for both online uses as well as printable copies for classroom use.

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