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Kindergarten Information


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Cardinal Leger School

141 Campion Crescent
Saskatoon, SK
S7H 3T8

Questions about the Kindergarten experience:

When is my child old enough to begin Kindergarten?

Children who turn 5 before January 31, 2011, are eligible to start Kindergarten in September of 2010.

What will my child learn in Kindergarten?

Specific skills and concepts are taught in Kindergarten in order to prepare children for success in first grade and to establish a foundation for later success in school.

What areas are covered in a Kindergarten Program?

Children develop skills in language, mathematics, art, science, music and physical education.

Are there other skills that are emphasized in this first year of school?

They learn to work and play alone and with others, to listen carefully, share ideas and thoughts and respect others and the environment.


Our School...

Cardinal Leger is a Catholic Elementary School. We encourage each child to be the best they can be in a faith filled environment.

Cardinal Leger School Kindergarten Program has two options. You may register your child for the English Program or the French Immersion Program.

Our Kindergarten teachers integrate new learning with past experiences. They use a combination of individual projects and group projects to assist in faith formation and academic excellence.

Our teaching staff is experienced and has the ability to relate to young children. Our teachers strive to create a caring and nurturing atmosphere where children can develop socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually in a safe environment.

The faith journey at our school is formed by the Gospel values of Jesus Christ. It is made visible by prayer, classroom instruction, school liturgies and special events that develop understanding and create a shared purpose.

Saskatoon Catholic Schools considers the parent to be the primary educator. To complement this belief, we encourage parents to assist us with the program. We look for classroom volunteers to assist our teachers with the activities that are provided for the children.

Saskatoon Catholic Schools assists parents with transportation challenges in two ways:

- Students who live more than 0.8 kms from their elementary school and use the Saskatoon Transit System to attend school can purchase bus tickets at a reduced rate.
- Students choosing to attend Cardinal Leger for the French Immersion Program will have transportation provided at no cost if they leave their home attendance area.

On behalf of the staff and students of Cardinal Leger School, we would like to invite you to join us for the 2010/2011 school year. Kindergarten at our school offers a positive and nurturing environment, and we hope that you choose to belong to our school community.

By choosing French Immersion or the traditional English program, your child will participate in activities that promote positive attitudes to learning. Our teachers emphasize language development by providing experiences that build skills from the foundation to future learning.

I am pleased to say that our teachers strive to work with parents to enhance the achievement of each student. Their efforts in planning and communication help to set the stage for continued parent-teacher partnerships. This complements the belief of Saskatoon Catholic Schools. "We believe that parents, students and staff must work together to ensure that learning takes place in a safe, orderly, and nurturing environment and that all interactions respect the dignity of the individual and focus on the principles of justice and forgiveness."

Please consider Cardinal Leger School for your children.


Yours in Education,

G. Werbicki


For further information, please contact:

Guy Werbicki

Robert Brisebois

Office Coordinator
Diane Carey

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