Principal's Message

Message for April 13th.

                                           PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE
As we welcome our Cardinal Leger community back from our break, we now look forward to a new season and some
exciting events as the school year comes to a conclusion.
- Although we had spring like weather before our Easter holiday, it seems that winter does not seem to want to leave
us yet! We ask parents and caregivers to ensure that children do have warm clothing for recess breaks and if
possible, another pair of socks and pants so that students can change if their clothing becomes wet.
- Our literacy initiatives to support our Learning Improvement Plan continue thanks to the support of our CSCC.
Guest readers are actively reading in classrooms and we have parents volunteering for our book exchange and story
sacks. The Cardinal Leger Book Club will also be starting within the next few weeks during the noon hour. We want to
thank all of our parent volunteers for their support!
- Our grade five and eight students will be participating in the provincial Assessment for Learning (AFL) Writing
during the month of April. Our teachers have been reviewing the writing process with students to prepare them and
we look forward to our student achievement results when they become available in the fall.
- Next week, our grade 6-8 students will be participating in a retreat at school. This is a wonderful faith formation
opportunity and it will be led by NET (National Evangelical Team) who will prepare many activities that are relevant
to students.
- Our grade eight classrooms continue their weekly visits to the Sherbrooke Centre where they volunteer their time
to work with residents. A big thank you to the parent volunteers who accompany students on their
first visit! Mme Coupal's grade 5 class will be performing for the residents on April 20th and our
grade one classrooms will also be partnered with Sherbrooke for a butterfly project in June.
We wish our community a wonderful spring and all of God's blessings!
                                                                                       Mr. G. Werbicki

Message for March 23rd

The month of March is quickly coming to an end and we have much to be thankful for at Cardinal Leger School!
Our Lenten journey continues as we prepare for Easter and the death and resurrection of Christ. This week our
share lent project is a House League Coin Collection. Students can bring coins to put in their classroom house
collection and at the end of the week, we will all gather in an assembly as house leaders will be creating a design on
the gym floor with the coins collected. House points are being distributed to the houses which collect the most coins
and have the most creative design so we ask students and families to be generous. All of our proceeds will be going to
support orphanages in Haiti.
- A big thank you to our grade eight students who organized service projects during Lent. We collected dozens of
boxes of clothing for the Salvation Army and donated monies to Telemiracle in support of funding for depression. 
Cardinal Leger is now a First Snack Healthy Snack school. Last week several students won prizes for eating healthy
snacks of a designated color. Thanks to the Nutrition Positive Committee for organizing the student "raps" during
morning announcements and prizes!
- Our staff wish to thank our parents and caregivers for actively participating in three way conferences. This is such
an important time to celebrate student growth and achievement while also establishing learning goals for the future.
The partnership that we have with our parent community is so important to the learning that takes place in school
and at home and we feel blessed to have this support as we move toward the end of the school year.
- Basketball and indoor track seasons have come to a successful conclusion. Congratulations to all teams for the skill
and sportsmanship you have displayed while representing Cardinal Leger School and a big thank you to our
staff for coaching and supervising our students.
- Enjoy the spring weather and the upcoming Easter holidays with family! May God continue to bless our
entire community with peace and good health, and with opportunity to be thankful for the many gifts
which have been bestowed upon us!
                                               Mr. G. Werbicki

Message for March 9th

                                           PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE
We continue to reflect on the gospel value of reconciliation during our opening daily prayers for the month of March.
As our Lenten preparation continues, we are continually connecting this gospel message to the many upcoming
activities, especially our Living Rosary (March 12 at 10:45) and the Passion Play (April 1 at 10:45). Parents are
welcome to join our staff and students for these events!
- Grade eight student service projects continue at Cardinal Leger. Your donations are certainly appreciated by those
groups of students leading these initiatives. Detailed descriptions and information are provided in this newsletter.
- Cardinal Leger is promoting healthy snacks and nutrition during the school day. Next week there will be several
activities designed to encourage parents and students to bring healthy food to school. It is our hope that our school
and parent council will address nutrition and healthy alternatives as we move into the next school year.
- Progress reports will be distributed this Friday, March 12. Portfolios of student work will also accompany reports.
It is extremely important that parents review the material that is provided in the portfolio with their children as
this is a resource for parents to connect to the progress report itself and to the three way conference. Portfolios
should contain examples of student work which indicate areas of strength and growth. This is an
opportunity for parents to discuss learning goals with their children as they prepare for dialogue with the
classroom teachers.
Enjoy our spring like weather and God bless!!!
                                                                                            Mr. G. Werbicki

Message for February 23

                                           PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE
We hope that all Cardinal Leger families had a relaxing and restful February break! As the Lenten season begins, our school community will now be preparing for Easter and the significance of the death and resurrection of Christ as the foundation of our faith.

- During the month of March, we will reflect on the gospel value of reconciliation during our morning prayers. Our focus will be the opportunities that we have to ask for forgiveness and offer forgiveness to those who have hurt us, as well as demonstrating our willingness to open our hearts to Christ's message of love, especially during Lent. We will talk about forgiveness as our way of displaying God's presence in our school and community.

- As part of our Lenten alms-giving, Cardinal Leger students and staff will be organizing many activities. Grade eight students will be completing service projects which include fundraising for the awareness of depression and donating clothing to the Salvation Army. Our funds raised from the Penny Race near the end of March will support the Broken Wings orphanage in Haiti. Other important activities which will help us in our preparations for Easter include the school wide Living Rosary (Sorrowful Mysteries), our Poverty Meal, and the Passion Play which will be performed by our grade seven and eight students.

- Three Way Conferences are quickly approaching and we encourage all parents and caregivers to ensure that they schedule a time to meet with classroom teachers. It is vital that the partnership between home and school creates communication and support opportunities so that social, behavioral, and academic growth continues.

- Thanks to all parents who came to the Math Makes Sense Information Night. The evening provided some background about this new resource for instruction and also gave parents the opportunity to participate in lessons and activities. This is a new approach to learning and we appreciated the interest that our parents displayed in support of student achievement.

- Our new Smart Boards have been installed and we now have these interactive white boards in all but two of our classrooms. Staff participated in a professional development opportunity during the February CDD and it is our hope that this technology will engage students and support instruction in all core curriculum areas.

May God bless of all of our Cardinal Leger families with peace, hope and love as we prepare for the Easter season!
                                                                                           Mr. G. Werbicki

Principal's Message - February 9th, 2010

                                           PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE

The generosity of the Cardinal Leger Community was truly shown in the fundraising efforts for the country of Haiti.
There were three events planned for this initiative and the highlight, the SRC's So You Think You Can Dance
performance, displayed the many gifts and talents that our students and staff possess. The students raised a total
of $1700 and this will be presented to Peter Eyvindson on Thursday, February 11 at school. He is a local author who
supports three orphanages that were severely damaged during the earthquake.
- The Greater Saskatoon Catholic School Division has implemented a nutrition policy. This document will guide
nutrition education and the food which is available for students. We encourage parents to ensure that children have
nutritional lunches and snacks. As well, Cardinal Leger School will promote nutrition positive choices in our
fundraising efforts that include hot lunches and bake sales. Our school policy will be discussed at the CSCC meeting
this Thursday evening.
- Students are busy participating in many extra-curricular activities. Our track team has participated in the Sled
Dog and K of C track meets and has displayed wonderful enthusiasm and success. The senior boys and girls basketball
teams are into the second week of their play-day schedule and have shown great sportsmanship and ability. The SRC
continues to organize exciting spirit days for our staff and students. This Friday will have a focus on the Olympics
and Canadian spirit and the grade seven students will be selling Candy Grams for Valentine's Day.
- Our CSCC has been extremely busy supporting our partnership with the Sherbrooke Centre and our Learning
Improvement Plan for literacy. Cardinal Leger grade eight students will be visiting the centre weekly working with
the residents. As well, the finalists of the So You Think You Can Dance event also performed last week. We want to
thank all parents who are involved in promoting literacy by volunteering for the Book Club, Book
Exchange and Guest Reader initiatives.
- The February break is approaching quickly. We want to wish all of our community a restful and
enjoyable family holiday! God bless!
                                                                                       Mr. G. Werbicki

Message for January 26th, 2010

During the month of February, our morning prayers and reflections will focus on the gospel value of courage. Our emphasis for staff and students will be the inner strength and wisdom which God gives to guide our actions for social justice, peace, and service. We hope to inspire our students to have the courage to reach out and transform the world.
- Our Parent Kindergarten Information Night is this Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00 pm in the school library. Please encourage any neighbors who may be considering French Immersion education for their child to come. Children must be five years of age by January 31, 2011 to begin kindergarten in the fall.
- The Cardinal Leger School community has organized three fundraising events for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Our Gum Chewing Day and Hats for Haiti raised more than $500. The last event is the So You Think You Can Dance performance which the SRC has organized. This will take place on Thursday, January 28th at 11:00 and we are asking all students to bring one dollar to add to our fundraising efforts. All of the donations will be given to the Broken Wings Mission which runs three orphanages in Haiti.
- There are two big events up-coming in the next few weeks. French Immersion Week takes place the first week of February and there are many special activities planned for the students. Our Math Makes Sense Parent Night takes place on Monday, February 8th beginning at 7:00 pm in our gym. Parents will receive information about the new math resource being used in the GSCS Division and have the opportunity to work with classroom teachers in break-out sessions. All are welcome!
Enjoy the arrival of winter and the abundance of snow! We wish our entire community all of God's blessings!
Mr. G. Werbicki

Message for January 12th, 2010

                                          PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE
During the month of January, we will begin each morning with a prayer and gospel value reflection for Hope. It will be
an opportunity for the staff and students of our Cardinal Leger community to think about those who give us hope and
the opportunities that we have to live and practice this gospel value in our daily lives.
- Staff and students are also busy participating in extra-curricular activities. The track season is now upon us and
both boys and girls teams are practicing in the early morning. As well, the basketball season is approaching and the
junior and senior boys and girls teams are preparing for their season which will begin within the next few weeks. This
month also has many spirit activities organized by the SRC. Pajama Day is coming this Friday and Cardinal Leger's
version of "So You Think You Can Dance" is also taking place as students have registered for auditions.
- The next Cardinal Leger School CSCC meeting will take place on Thursday, January 14th at 7:00 pm. We will be
discussing several items which include the literacy support for our Learning Improvement Plan and our partnership
with the Sherbrooke Centre. All are welcome to attend!
- We are now accepting registrations for students who wish to begin Kindergarten in the fall of 2010. Children who
will be five years of age on or before January 31, 2011 may begin Kindergarten for the 2010-11 school year. Our
Kindergarten Information Night is Wednesday, January 27th at 7:00 pm in our library.
- It is with great sadness that I share that Marc Emard has passed away. Marc was the principal at St. Paul School
and the husband of JoAnn Emard, who is currently a Learning Assistance Teacher at Cardinal Leger. We pray for the
Emard family that God blesses them with strength, peace, and comfort during this difficult time.
Happy New Year to our Cardinal Leger Community! We would like to thank everyone for the generosity
and joy shared with our staff and we pray that this New Year provides you with peace, joy, and good
                                                                                          Mr. G. Werbicki

Message for December 15

The Cardinal Leger Christmas Concert was a wonderful success! The gifts and talents that were  
displayed by both the students and staff provided our community with a Christmas spirit of giving. We
thank all of our parents and families for coming and supporting our school as we prepare for the birth of
As the month of December is coming to a close at Cardinal Leger School, I would like to take this
opportunity on behalf of our staff, to wish all of the families of our community a very blessed and joyous
Christmas. We have much to celebrate as we enter this holiday season, especially the valued partnership
between the home and school. It is our hope that this relationship continues to grow in the New Year.
May God bless all of our students and families with peace, joy, and safe travel as we celebrate the coming
of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our Cardinal Leger School
Community!                Mr. G. Werbicki

Message for Dec. 1

Advent is a very special time of the year as we are preparing for and celebrating the coming of Christ. During morning prayers and reflection, we will be asking the students, staff, and community of Cardinal Leger to think about what they are prepared to give during this season. We will reflect about the many gifts that we can offer Him - opening our hearts to those around us, especially those that are in need. The story of Christmas begins the story of Christ and the fulfillment of God's promises to us - love, forgiveness, and ever-lasting life. As we celebrate the season of Advent, we ask God to help us appreciate the meaning of the story about the coming of Jesus! - Thank you to all parents and caregivers who participated in three way conferences at the end of November. Our staff appreciates the opportunity to discuss student strengths and areas of growth so that there is a strong partnership between the home and school. Please feel free to contact your child's teacher at any time to discuss social or academic development. - The Cardinal Leger Christmas Concert will take place on Wednesday, December 9th at 6:30 in the St. Joseph High School theatre. All classrooms are busy preparing and it is our hope that the performances will bring a Christmas spirit to all of our families! We ask all parents and caregivers to bring their children to St. Joseph High School by 6:00 that evening. Students will not be sitting in the theatre with parents during the concert. Once the concert is complete (we anticipate 7:45), parents may pick up their child in the foyer where their classroom teacher will be. - Advent is a time for giving and Cardinal Leger School will be providing food hampers for families in need. Our fundraiser to support this cause is VIP seating for our Christmas Concert. The first two rows of the St. Joseph High School will be designated for those families drawn. Please fill out the ticket form in the newsletter and return it with your donation to the school. Winning families will have four reserved seats. The draw date is Monday, December 7th! Classrooms will also be providing many of the items for the food hampers. Students will be given a list of items which they will be asked to provide by their classroom teacher.
We wish our entire Cardinal Leger School Community a very blessed and joyous Christmas!
Mr. G. Werbicki

November 17th

  The Advent Season is quickly approaching and all classrooms are beginning to prepare for the Cardinal Leger
Christmas Concert which will take place at St. Joseph's High School on Wednesday, December 9th
 beginning at
6:30. Please mark this date in your calendars as it is extremely important for all students to attend and
participate in a celebration which prepares us for a very significant event - the birth of Christ!
  Three Way Conferences are scheduled for this week and teachers are looking forward to meeting with students
and parents to celebrate successes and to discuss areas of growth. It is so important to establish a positive
communication between the home and school and we encourage all parents to book a time if you have not already
done so.
  Cardinal Leger hosted an H1N1 Immunization Clinic last week and we continue to encourage students to wash
their hands frequently and to remain home if they are feeling ill. Parents are reminded that they can take their
children to Prairieland Park for vaccinations if they did not participate in the clinic at school. Please call
Saskatoon District Health (655-4358) if you require more information.
  The annual Turkey Bingo was held on Friday, November 13 and we had a wonderful evening filled
with great prizes, food, and fun! A big thank you to all of our CSCC parents who volunteered to
organize such an enjoyable event. Our council is also organizing a magazine fundraiser to support
our literacy initiatives in the school. As Christmas is approaching, magazines would be a great gift
for family and friends!!
May God continue to bless the students, staff, and families of Cardinal Leger School!
                                             Mr. G. Werbicki



Message for November 3rd

The month of November has now come upon us and we will be reflecting upon the gospel value of faith during our
morning prayers and intentions. We will emphasize that our Catholic faith is not only one of words but also a faith of
action and that our actions should be guided by the commandments, social justice, the spirit of love within which we
help those in need, and forgiveness. It is our hope that our community of faith is guided by the golden rule: Do unto
others as you would want them to do unto you.
Grade seven and eight students have been actively participating in volleyball. Practices, games, and tournaments will
keep them busy into the middle of the month and we are extremely proud of the skill and sportsmanship that they
have exemplified as they represent Cardinal Leger School. Our choir is also busy preparing for the advent season and
for their participation in the Knights of Columbus Christmas Carol Festival. I also want to thank our SRC for
organizing many spirit days, the Still Life Halloween event, and our Coats for Kids activity. It is our hope that we will
be able to donate many clean, gently used coats to kids in need as the winter season approaches.
Progress reports will be distributed on November 13 with three way conferences scheduled for
November 19 and 20. I want to encourage all parents and caregivers to actively take part in their child's
education by building a strong partnership with the school and the classroom teacher.
May God bless our Cardinal Leger students, staff and families!
                                                                                     Mr. G. Werbicki


Principal's Message September 2009

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome back to another school year. I would hope that the summer vacation was productive and peaceful for your family.

The staff of Cardinal Leger school strives to provide an atmosphere of Gospel Love, cooperation, and safety in which our students are given the opportunity to grow in their faith, their academic program and in their social, emotional and physical development. We feel that parents are an integral part of our school setting and a partner of their child's school success. We would like to invite you to continue the support and the dialogue that has taken place in the past. I know that our community has offered tremendous support and for that we are truly thankful. We look forward to making this year a successful one for our students.