Graduation 2015

Graduation will take place on Thursday, June 25, 2015.

Applications for Graduation will be distributed to grade 12 students at the beginning of the second semester.  Students are asked to go through the application carefully and complete all necessary information.  Applications are due back to the main office before Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

A graduation list will be posted by Student Services once applications have been reviewed.  Students are asked to please check the graduation list carefully for any errors or omissions.

Banquet information will be distributed to students following the Easter break.  This information will include the dates that banquet tickets will be on sale.  There is a limit of 8 banquet tickets per graduate.  Everyone in attendance must purchase a banquet ticket, including the graduate.

Graduation Photos

Photographers from Lifetouch Photography will be at Holy Cross from January 21-28 to take graduation photos of grade 12 students who will be applying to graduate in June 2015. 


Students are required to sign up for a photo appointment on line at  It is recommended that all graduates schedule a sitting while Lifetouch is at the school to ensure they are included on the Class Composite and in the Yearbook. 


Students wishing to receive their proof package from the photos will be required to pay a $30 sitting fee.  With this fee you will receive approximately 16-18 proofs including cap & gown, casual and personality poses.  Students are encouraged to bring props for their casual and personality poses.  Please note that due to allergies we do not allow pets in the school.

For more information on graduation photos please call Ms. Chomitzky at 306-659-7604


Graduation Presentation

Please click the link below to view the graduation presentation from the October meeting.

Graduation 2015 - Student Presentation.ppt

Chem Free Aftergrad

The Chem Free Aftergrad, and additional activities are organized by volunteer parents.  If you have any questions regading any of the activites or would like to volunteer to assist please contact the person listed below.

2015Chem Free Aftergrad contact 
MJ Sherven -

2015Grade 12 Winter Banquet contact


2015Grade 12 Fashion Show contact


Graduation meeting Agenda

Please click the link below to view a copy of the agenda from the Graduation Meeting held in October.


For a list of all positions required for Aftergrad please click on the link below.

Chem Free After Grad Committee Positions.doc.docm 

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