January 27, 2011

Smartboard Tips & Tricks for the K - 3 Classroom

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Contact: Kelli Boklaschuk kboklaschuk@gscs.sk.ca



Folder Management

  • My Content
  • Gallery Import and exporting
  • Creating Folders
  • Accessing Files from gallery or M Drive

Back Up your gallery by exporting it fairly often!!! 


Student Digital Portfolios

  • Set up Student Portfolios With Student Names on Folders.
  • Use these folders to save Notebook pages created by students. These can be printed and or saved to put in their portfolios to send home.


Daily Activities  - Download Gallery Collection Here - Or Zip of Notebook Files Here

Random Goodies -  Download Gallery Collection Here - Or Zip of Notebook File Here

The Letter A - Download Gallery Collection Here - Or the Zip of Notebook Files Here


Bridgit Web Conferencing: http://cyberschool.scs.sk.ca:8787/

 To set up a meeting email sclimenhaga@gscs.sk.ca

  • Up to 5 connections at once (5 classrooms)
  • Share SMART Boards
  • Write on Eachothers SMART Boards


Unit/Theme Planning


Life Cycles - Download Gallery Collection Here - Or Zip of Notebook File Here 



  • Take what is out there and modify it
  • Work in teams to develop a unit
  • Team Teach Using Bridgit
  • Share Unist/Themes
  • Do not forget about Videos and Interactive Web Sites
  • Add Audio
  • Add pull tabs
  • Add images (copy and paste from the Internet or gallery) - Free images - http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/images/  
  • Do not forget the Lesson Activity Toolkit!!!!!




Interactive Web Sites:


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