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November 19, 2009

Google Image Swirl - WOW!!!

Google announced a new image search option called Image Swirl. Image Swirl is similar to Wonder Wheel which I've previously written about here and here. To use Image Swirl, just enter your search term as you would in the regular image search service. The results of your search will be displayed in a grid similar to that with which you're probably familiar. Click any image in the grid a web of more, related, images will appear. Click an image in the web and another web of images will appear.

Google Image Swirl

May 4, 2009

Promethean Planet

Promethean's free online community designed to provide Activclassroom teachers around the world the ability to share new and innovative lessons, access a wide variety of professional development materials, and connect with fellow Activclassroom teachers from around the Planet.
Promethean Planet

February 25, 2009

Lemelson Center presents Invention at Play

"Explore the playful side of invention and the inventive side of play in "Invention at Play", a national traveling exhibit. Learn how play- the ordinary and everyday "work of childhood"- connects to the creative impulse of both historic and contemporary inventors."

Lemelson Center presents Invention at Play

February 24, 2009

COOL School - Online Educational Content Development for K-12

Math Science etc. Excellent for Smart Boards.

COOL School - Online Educational Content Development for K-12

February 19, 2009


A zooming digital presentation editor. It's Powerpoint on steroids! What did he say? STEROIDS! There'll be mandatory testing in the future. Type text, embed pictures, and insert video are all features that Prezi puts forth to creators. Unlike Powerpoint, Prezi is free and extremely portable. Because it's web based, Prezi can be created and shown on any computer with web access. If there is no web access available during your presentation, a downloadable version can be obtained to show offline anywhere. No other software needed, not even flash! Prezi also performs quite well in creating a visual organizer. As they claim on their site, "With the help of Prezi you can create maps of texts, images, videos, PDFs, drawings and present in a nonlinear way." 
Prezi - The zooming presentation editor

February 12, 2009

SMARTboard Links to Engaging Learners

SMARTboard Links

February 11, 2009

Teachers Love SMART Boards: SMARTBoards and Jeopardy, Jeopardy, and More Jeopardy

Teachers Love SMART Boards: SMARTBoards and Jeopardy, Jeopardy, and More Jeopardy

SMART Exchange

SMART Exchange, a community of teachers, administrators and SMART experts sharing ideas, expertise and enthusiasm to create extraordinary moments in the classroom.
All Content Files - SMART Exchange

February 9, 2009

Ghost Blasters


Ghost Blastersis designed to help students learn to multiply and divide quickly in their heads. To play Ghost Blasters select a multiple of which each "bad" ghost will have a value that is a multiple of that which you chose. Students then use their mouse to blast every "bad" ghost. For example, if I select "5" at the beginning then all bad ghosts will display a multiple of 5. I then have to blast all of the bad ghosts to gain points, but if I blast a "good" ghost (a ghost that does not have a multiple of 5) I lose points.

Physical Sciences K-8 Topics and Units

Physical Sciences K-8 Topics and Units

Physical Sciences K-8
  1. Measurement and the Language of Physics
  2. Kinematics: The Physics of Motion
  3. Dynamics: Forces and Motion
  4. Impulse and Momentum
  5. Conservation of Energy
  6. Periodic and Simple Harmonic Motion
  7. Heat and Temperature
  8. Waves and Wave Energy
  9. "Static" Electricity
  10. Electricity and Electrical Energy
  11. Magnetism and Magnetic Force
  12. Electromagnetism and Electromagnets
  13. Geometrical Optics and the Behavior of Light
  14. Particles and Interactions and the Standard Model
  15. Doing Astronomy
  16. ComPADRE Collections
  17. History and Philosophy of Physics
  18. Reference Material

Find Country - Improve your geography knowledge

Find Country - Improve your geography knowledge
Find Geography is a simple map game that you could have a classroom full of students playing after just a minute of instruction. Find Geography asks students "Where is country _______?" Students simply click on the map where they think that country is located. If students give a wrong answer, Find Geography shows them the correct answer.

February 3, 2009


SMART Board SMART Board Interactive Websites PreMade Notebook Activity Downloads Resources Training and Tutorials

Earth Day Lessons for Teachers Using the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard |

Earth Day Lessons for Teachers Using the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard | Classroom technology just got smarter with Notebook collaborative learning software. Teachers can easily design dynamic lesson activities using Notebook software and deliver those lessons on their SMART Board interactive whiteboards. Notebook software has a work area, easy-to-use tools, and content. The lessons provided on this site will give you a taste of the many exciting things you can do in Notebook software. You can see just how easy it is to create and deliver lessons that are interesting and interactive while reinforcing learning objectives.

January 19, 2009

J! Archive

J! Archive The fan-created archive of Jeopardy! games and players--158,011 clues and counting!

January 15, 2009

ScreenToaster - Free online screen recorder: create screencasts, tutorials and reviews in a few clicks

ScreenToaster - Free online screen recorder: create screencasts, tutorials and reviews in a few clicks

January 9, 2009

My WebSpiration

Whether working individually or collaboratively, Webspiration™ is the new online visual thinking tool that helps you: * capture ideas * organize information * diagram processes * create clear, concise written documents With integrated diagram and outline views you can think visually, structure your work effectively and express your ideas in the ways that communicate best.


SecretBuilders What is SecretBuilders? SecretBuilders is a site that can be used to supplement the teaching of various topics, including literature, arts, sciences and humanities. The site gives children an opportunity to interact with famous historical and fictional figures from world civilization, making learning more enjoyable and effective. We can provide teachers with examples of how to incorporate SecretBuilders into their school curriculum. A few examples are provided in the Classroom Activities section below.

December 3, 2008


Stat Planet is a thematic mapping website. Stat Planet relies on data from UNESCO is a project of SACMEQ. Stat Planet can be used to create thematic maps based on a variety of development indicators from the fields of education, health care, and economics. Stat Planet can be used online in your browser or you can download Stat Planet. Downloading Stat Planet gives you the option to include your other data sets and create a custom map.
Stat Planet is a good resource for students to use to create thematic maps. Stat Planet can also be used by students to make inferences as to the reason for inequities between countries and regions of the world. After making those inferences students can conduct research to investigate whether or not they were correct.

November 12, 2008

SMART Resources

SmartBaord Lessons

This wiki was begun because of a conversation on the music teachers discussion board.  Some of us decided we'd like a place to share our Smartboard lessons, and perhaps some other resources we use in our classrooms.


The idea behind this wiki is simply to collaborate and share the things that make our classrooms better.  It is not about us, it is about the kids and how to teach them music as effectively as possible!

November 6, 2008

Online Spelling Program

We are an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun. has: 

- Over 37,000 spelling words and eight spelling games!
- A REAL person who says each word and sentence
- Thousands of free spelling lists. Or save your own!

November 5, 2008

skrbl: easy to share online whiteboard

skrbl for teams
Team resources for online collaboration. Powerful new features designed to let you work better together. Share resources with your team, co browse the web, annotate shared documents, video phone, skype calls ... share ideas, communicate & sync like never before. 'team-skrbl' is the next best thing to being in the same room.

October 22, 2008 artPad

Express yourself with the ArtPad!

September 25, 2008

SMART - Educator resources

Using technology in the classroom can have tremendous benefits for learners. In our educator resources, you'll find activities, programs and training to help you get the most from your SMART products.

September 23, 2008

Using Microsoft Office Applications with SMART software 10

SMART - Lesson Activity Toolkit Overview

ZAC Browser - Zone for Autistic Children

ZAC is the first web browser developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS. We have made this browser for the children - for their enjoyment, enrichment, and freedom. Children touch it, use it, play it, interact with it, and experience independence through ZAC.

September 22, 2008

Finding SMART Interactive Resources

Roll The Dice (An Early Years Lesson)

Peter Dawson, a Kindergarten teacher, shares his early years lesson that uses the SMARTBoard for his roll the dice lesson.

SMART Board Activities » SMART Board activities

Teachers in Winnipeg School Division are using interactive whiteboards with their students to foster learning and understanding in all curricula areas. They are seeing first hand its appeal to the variety of learning styles in their classrooms.
During the school year, teachers meet regularly to share and create learning experiences. This blog is a further opportunity for them to share with the global learning community.