May 27, 2010

Edistorm- Brainstorming Without the Bored Room

 Edistorm takes the metaphor of sticky notes on a boardroom wall and brings it online allowing anyone - anywhere to brainstorm with only a web browser. Each user picks their favorite ideas and Edistorm brings the best ones forward.


May 6, 2010

Debate Unit - Grade 5

This is a collaborative unit that employs many technological skills, as well as writing and oral skills. The team booked the notebook USB bracelets that are available for booking through the Resource Centre, as well as the MP3 kit that is also available.

You can download a Word Version

a PDF Version

and the Notebook File to go along with the unit.

Thanks to Maria, Russ and Renee for working on this Unit!

January 5, 2010

synchtube beta : Watch Videos With Friends in Real Time

Another great collaborative program that can be used in so many creative ways in the classroom, in distance education, in computer labs and more.

Synchtube is the only place to watch YouTube videos with friends in real-time! Ever want to share a video with your friend or family, but wish you were there with them to watch so you could enjoy the moment together? synchtube solves this problem by allowing you to share a video in real-time. Simply paste a YouTube link and create a room. You can share this room with others, and watch videos in real-time... well enough talking, just try it already!

synchtube beta : Watch Videos With Friends in Real Time

Connecting with other classes, teachers, experts around the world.

I've used Skype in a variety of ways to connect and meet with people, classes and experts from around the world. Skype is easy to use but does require you to install software.One of my favorite sites, "Free Technology for Teachers" lists some free video conferencing sites that do not require any downloading. This can be very useful for Educators who are not allowed to install software on their school computers. is one of the many excellent services created by the folks at allows users to set up a free webinar or video conference with just two clicks. Just like with there is no registration required to use the service and there is no software to install. To use simply create a drop and share the drop's unique url (and optional password) with whomever you would like to participate in the conference. When you're ready to start your conference click "start presentation." If you create the conference you are the administrator and have full access to show the other participants files, links, photos, and any other media you're using on your computer.

Wetoku is a free service for quickly conducting, recording, and sharing video interviews using your webcam. To conduct an interview just log-in to your account, click "start new interview," and send the invitation link to whomever you want to interview. Wetoku records the videos from both participants in the interview.

Vokle is a free service for hosting and recording live web conferences. Using Vokle you can host a live conference in which participants can chat with text while you broadcast yourself. You can also broadcast a conversation of yourself and another person who has their webcam enabled. The text chat room can be used to organize a line-up of people who would like to broadcast themselves to the other chat participants.

August 31, 2009

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing EtherPad EtherPad is the only web-based word processor that allows people to work together in really real-time. When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone's screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more.