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May 21, 2010

Smart Notebook Express

View, save and interact with Smart Notebook files online, at no charge.

May 6, 2010

Debate Unit - Grade 5

This is a collaborative unit that employs many technological skills, as well as writing and oral skills. The team booked the notebook USB bracelets that are available for booking through the Resource Centre, as well as the MP3 kit that is also available.

You can download a Word Version

a PDF Version

and the Notebook File to go along with the unit.

Thanks to Maria, Russ and Renee for working on this Unit!

March 12, 2010

calvert - SMART notebook Lessons

A multitude of notebook files, site to access files and other great Smartboard activities.
calvert - SMART notebook Lessons

November 24, 2009

SMART Board Templates

Divided by grade levels!
SMART Board Templates

November 19, 2009

Place Value - Grades 3-5

Lesson Objectives:

1) Understand place value and vocabulary of number.

2) Read and write whole numbers to the millions.

3) Understand number forms.

Place Value.notebook

Simple Machines - Lesson Template

Understand the differences among the various simple machines
Comparing and contrasting the differences between simple and compound machines.

Simple Machines - Review

Students will practice identifying and defining simple machines in an interactive way. This should be used as a review of concepts taught.
Simple Machines.notebook

Patterning Practice


Pre-Fixes and Suffixes

Standard 1: Reading
The student reads and comprehends text across the curriculum.
Benchmark 3: The student expands vocabulary.
3. determines meaning of words through structural analysis, using knowledge of Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon roots, prefixes, and suffixes to understand complex words, including words in science, mathematics, and social studies.

Battleship - Grade 7

Standards and Indicators:
K- 5 Standard 7: Data Analysis and Probability - Interpret data from graphs

7th grade Benchmark 3: Geometry From an Algebraic Perspective--The student relates geometric concepts to a number line and a coordinate plane in a variety of situations.


Pre k Opening Activities

Calendar Activities:
Slide 1 - Choose a greeting song to sing together.  Click on the sound icon.
Slides 2 & 3 - Identify month, date, day and year on the calendar.  Let students tell which number they think comes next.  Count together and touch the slide to reveal the next number.  The student helper will write the number in the square below, then write tally marks to show the quantity of the number.
Slide 4 - Click on the sound icon to play the days of the week song in English or Spanish.  The student helper will touch each day as they are sung.
Slides 5 & 6 - Click on the sound icon to sing the months song.  Students will dance the macarena as they sing.  Student helper will identify the current month by touching it on the board.
Slides 7 & 8 - Fill in the blanks of the sentences with the correct day of the week.  The student helper will drag the day to the correct line.  Read the sentences aloud together.

Weather Activities:
Slides 1 & 2 - Click on the sound icon to sing the weather song.  The student helper will decide what the weather for today is.  The helper will drag the correct weather pictures to the squares.  Read the sentences together.

Concepts Activities:
Slide 1 - Click on the die.  Name the shape that appears.  Repeat to practice all of the shapes.  Identify the shape of the month.
Slide 2 - Click on the frog.  Name the number that appears.  Repeat to practice all of the numbers.  Identify the number of the month.
Slide 3 - Click on a gray square.  Name the color that appears.  Repeat to practice all of the numbers.  Identify the color of the month.
Slide 4 - Click on the deck of cards.  Name the letter that appears.  Drag the letter to the correct letter circle.  Repeat to practice as many letters as you wish.  Identify the letter of the week.


Calendar Activities

Kindergarten Reading:
Standard 1: The student reads and comprehends text across the curriculum.
Benchmark 1: The student uses skills in alphabetics to construct meaning from text.
The student...
1. identifies sounds of both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet (Letter-sound Relationships).
2. identifies names of both upper and lower case letters of the alphabet.

K-2 Science:
Standard 4: The student will observe closely the objects and materials in their environment.
Benchmark 3: The student will describe changes in weather.
The student...
1. observes changes in the weather from day to day.
2. records weather changes daily.


November 18, 2009

Random Image Tool Template

The random image tool can be used for a variety of neat activities in the classroom. For example, if you put pictures of your students in the tool you can have this tool randomly select who will answer your questions, who will read aloud etc.

The tool is extremely easy to use and I have attached a template file giving you simple instructions on how to use the tool and how to access it.

Please comment on this entry if you want to share other ways you have used this tool!


November 17, 2009

Submit your own Notebook Files or templates

Many educators have asked me where they can share their Notebook files or templates with other educators in the division.

I have added an area where you can do this right from this web site. 

To add your own File or template please Click Here.

If you would like to access templates that other educators have submitted to this site click HERE or click on Notebook Files/Templates from the Select Category pull down menu found above.

Please let other educators know they can access these files right from this site!!!

October 21, 2009

Parade of Games (Templates) in PowerPoint

The Parade of Games web site was created to provide educators and trainers with easy-to- assemble educational games in a technology- enhanced environment to support key learning points. The site demonstrates the creative use of popular game shows and other familiar games to reinforce learning.

Educators and trainers can select and download those PowerPoint games that support your learning objectives and are compatible with the technology capabilities of your learning environment. We hope you enjoy the site and we welcome your feedback.