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ZAC is the first web browser developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS. We have made this browser for the children - for their enjoyment, enrichment, and freedom. Children touch it, use it, play it, interact with it, and experience independence through ZAC.


ChannelOne.com - Passport: Australia


Get a firsthand look at the land down under, from the Great Barrier Reef to the outback!


Create some cool effects on a photo you upload including a cube, puzzle, and many more

Wow, finally a Web collaboration tool that doesn't cost a fortune or require a cumbersome software installation Very easy to use, too!"


Klondike Rush for Gold


Audio Puzzler - Intro

Audio Puzzler is a new kind of puzzle game based on, well, snippets of audio found online. The audio is taken from popular video clips, so that when you complete the puzzle you'll be able to watch the video as well. Get a sense for how to play and then dive in.


nonfiction stories that your early readers can hear and see as they read along.


This is an example

In an engaging way helps players see how many animals have become endangered because of the way societies (and poachers) have used them for their horns, skin or fur. It's done appropriately for children, and it's accessible to English Language Learners, and and it's educational for everyone. I just wouldn't have used the word "fun" to describe it


Snakes & Ladders | Tullie House


Students can play Roman Snakes and Ladders, either alone or with a partner, to have a little fun and to learn a bit about the ancient Romans. Depending upon which square you land on, an image of an artifact will pop-up with a short description.


Big Bob's Burger Joint


It's an online video game where the player is a server in a fast-food restaurant. All the items are labeled.


Anatomy Arcade - Home


Anatomy Arcade makes basic human anatomy come ALIVE through awesome free flash games and interactives.

Finally, students can play flash games in class and not get in trouble for it and teachers can run lessons that will engage students like never before.


English language learning games