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Visible Body | 3D Human Anatomy

The Visible Body is a fantastic, free, program that allows your students to virtually explore all systems of the human body. I first learned about the Visible Body through Kevin Jarrett's blog, he used the program with a 4th grade class, but the Visible Body could just as well be used in a high school setting.
Visible Body | 3D Human Anatomy
Storybooks these free animated electronic storybooks help teach science in a fun and entertaining manner
k-12 animated storybooks animations science educational childrens online homestudy curriculum free
Quotes Daddy, as you might guess from the name, is a compendium of quotes from famous and not-so-famous people. Each day new quotes are featured on the homepage of Quotes Daddy. If you have a class blog you can add a Quotes Daddy widget to your blog.
Quotes Daddy | Over 1,000,000 Famous Quotes
Make Beliefs is a free comic strip creation tool that provides students with a variety of templates, characters, and prompts for building their own comic strips. Make Beliefs provides students with a pre-drawn characters and dialogue boxes which they can insert into each box of their comic strip. The editing options allow users the flexibility to alter the size of each character and dialogue bubble, bring elements forward within each box, and alter the sequence of each box in the comic strip. Students that have trouble starting a story can access writing prompts through make beliefs. Most impressively, Make Beliefs allows users to write their comic strip's dialogue in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, or Latin.

MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages



Free online game from Pearson that is very well-designed.

Macintosh 512k image - Photos: Mac through the years - CNET News Twenty-five years ago, Apple released the Macintosh, and the company was never the same. The model pictured here is actually the Macintosh 512k, which was almost exactly the same as the original Macintosh introduced in January 1984, but Apple increased the memory from the 128K shipped on the original model, earning it the nickname "Fat Mac."

Welcome to Bank Jr!

Bank Jr. is an educational banking website designed for elementary school students. I discovered Bank Jr. through Donna Murray's excellent blog. Bank Jr. is an interactive website on which students can learn the in's and out's of banking. Bank Jr. has a glossary of terms, a help center, and savings wizards. Bank Jr. also provides students with a history of money and a look at how different countries use money. The teachers section of Bank Jr. provides an extensive glossary of terms and some lesson ideas. Bank Jr. does not provide full-length, detailed lesson plans, but it does provide PDF's of worksheets and handouts that teachers may find useful for teaching banking lessons.

Welcome to Bank Jr!
Math TV is a math video website that I learned about through the excellent Teaching College Math blog. Math TV provides an extensive collection of high quality mathematics tutorials. Math TV's video lessons cover basic mathematics and Algebra. Math TV videos are not easily embedded in other websites, but they are free and you can create your own individualized playlists.
Math and Algebra Help - Videos from MathTV.com
Ironic Sans: Thsrs - The Shorter Thesaurus 1. Enter a long word. Look Up 2. Receive shorter synonyms.

Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Index

Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Index These pages are full of Snacks...but they're not the kind you eat. They're the kind you can learn from and have fun with. Exploratorium Science Snacks are miniature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium.

Myths and Legends from E2BN

Myths and Legends from E2BN Welcome to Myths and Legends. This site is for pupils, teachers and all those who enjoy stories and storytelling. The British Isles is rich in myths, folktales and legends. Almost every town, city and village in Britain has its own special story, be it a Celtic legend, Dark Age mystery, strange happening or fable.

MathsNet: Interactive Shape

MathsNet: Interactive Shape Get a clear and complete understanding of geometric shapes, their patterns and properties. You will be able to change the geometry of the pictures yourself using the mouse and see the mathematical effect these changes have. A wide range of mathematics is covered, including all four key stages, from polygons to circle theorems.

Math 3 - 5 Manipulatives

NLVM 3 - 5 Manipulatives Virtual manipulatives related to the NCTM standards for grades 3 - 5.
Shahi - A visual dictionary | Blachan Lab Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr images, and more!

Great Plant Escape

Great Plant Escape

My name is Bud. My good friend Sprout and I are helping Detective LePlant on his search. You will find that plants are an important part of your life. We will need your help to find clues, do experiments, and solve problems as we journey into the world of plants. He promises lots of fun, but remember, we're here to solve a mystery!

Good luck! We'll be with you all the way!

Scrapbooking, Free Ecards, Birthday and Greeting Cards at Smilebox.com

Smilebox makes scrapbooking fun, easy and free! Share birthdays, holidays, special occasions, vacations, family time and more in our many fabulous designs. Choose from hundreds of digital scrapbooking layouts from leading designers including Making Memories, K & Co. and design by dani. Just add your photos, words, music, even videos, to make an online scrapbook.

Shidonni - Creative Fun for Kids

Shidonni - Creative Fun for Kids
Shidonni is a really intriguing new web application for kids.  Shidonni is an imaginary world that kids create.  It provides a virtual universe where kids can create their own imaginary world, play, and share games and interact with each other in a safe environment online.  Kids can create their own animals or characters online and make them interactive.  Their characters actually move and interact with the kids (no programming required!).  They can create a world for their character, feed their character, and play games using their character.  Watch the video on the Shidonni website for a good idea of how the program works

You don't need to register. simply click on  "Give it a try".
Kids and Cookies is an online flash game that teaches elementary students about fractions in a game setting.  Students choose characters to be their "friends" and then choose how many cookies they have.  They have to evenly share the cookies with their friends and can use different cutters to divide the cookies.  The site provides a great introduction to rational number fractions.
Kids and Cookies: an Interactive Fraction Game for Children



What is FreeReading?

FreeReading is an open-source instructional program that helps educators teach early literacy. Because it is open-source, it represents the collective wisdom of a wide community of teachers and researchers. FreeReading contains a 40-week scope and sequence of phonological awareness and phonics activities that can support and supplement a typical kindergarten or first grade core or basal program.

Main Page - FreeReading



Cyberbee Copyright Application

Cyberbee Copyright is an online flash application to teach students about copyright laws.  Copyright laws can be difficult to teach and difficult for students to understand.  Cyberbee makes it simple.  The flash site features students raising their hands, each asking a different question about copyright issues.  When students "call" on the cyber student, they get the answer to the question.  The site uses language that is easy for students to understand. 
cb_copyright.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
Listen to Fables, Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Lullabies, and More! | Speakaboos

Speakaboos is a collection of online children stories read by celebrities (although this is not what impresses me).  Each story is read aloud with flash illustrations and the words on each page for read-along.  The stories are captivating and include popular titles like Arthur and Curious George. 

The Week in Rap

The Week in Rap The Week in Rap: Current Events in Hip-Hop A week's worth of news, rapped. New every Friday.
Aviary - Phoenix Phoenix Image Editor From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application.
ICDL - International Children's Digital Library Our Mission The mission of the International Children's Digital Library Foundation is to excite and inspire the world's children to become members of the global community - children who understand the value of tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages and ideas -- by making the best in children's literature available online.
KIDO'Z Browser - A browser made for kids - Flash Player Installation Why KIDO'Z Browser ? Safe & free internet browsing for kids. Easy to use. Kids don't need to know how to read or write. Direct access to the best sites, videos and games for kids on the net.

Museum Box Homepage

Museum Box Homepage Welcome to Museum Box, This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. What items, for example, would you put in a box to describe your life; the life of a Victorian Servant or Roman soldier; or to show that slavery was wrong and unnecessary? You can display anything from a text file to a movie. You can also view and comment on the museum boxes submitted by others.
CustomGuide - Free Computer Training Quick References, Cheat Sheets

FREE Quick References

Here are some ways you can use them:

  • Distribute them at your organization.
  • Forward them to users with support issues.
  • Post them on your organization's Website.

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Play interactive games to boost your brain | What2Learn

The main What2Learn system contains over 2,000 interactive learning games to help you succeed in school. Sign up for FREE access to all of these games. Your scores will be automatically recorded and doing well will earn you credits to buy things for your online character. Why are you waiting? Register now!

Option Three: Play a user-gene

Pilot Math - Pilot Math - a fun and interactive math resource built for students of all abilities . Welcome to Pilot Math Embrace a new learning resource for British Columbia math students! Now you can use textbooks and workbooks that are 100% aligned with British Columbia's IRP. Every school can access an extensive collection of FREE online media that students can use from home or school. Pilot Math makes learning math fun and interactive. Built for classrooms with or without media, it is easy to integrate into any setting and can accommodate students with a variety of skill levels.

Welcome to SchoolWAX TV!



Concerned with what you might find on other media sharing sites?

SchoolWAX TV was designed with schools, students, teachers, and parents in mind. You will only find educator approved videos on SchoolWAX TV so everyone can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. SchoolWAX TV is the perfect resource for students who are working on their homework or just need a little extra help on any given subject. Teachers can use the animations and videos to capture their students' attention and enrich classroom lessons!

Watch, share, and upload.

SchoolWAX TV - Don't Get Stuck! | Video Homework Help | Student Videos | Educator Videos | Upload Your Videos!
A Walk in the Forest - National Zoo| FONZ

Take a walk in this virtual Virginia forest and do field research using the same scientific methodologies and tools that Smithsonian scientists use to monitor forest biodiversity!