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With Architect Studio 3D, the Preservation Trust brings to young architects everywhere the exciting process of designing a home -- hands-on. Starting as real architects do, with a client who has lifestyle preferences and a site that has its own environmental considerations, you will use your imagination to design your own architectural solutions.
Architect Studio 3D, from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust


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At the core of FreshBrain is an open and free web site freshbrain.org that provides teens with the opportunity to explore, engage, and create through activities and projects. FreshBrain takes advantage of the latest technologies, such as web conferencing and social networking, to provide a very progressive environment where teens can complete activities and work together on projects. This experience is enhanced with Advisors, available to support and mentor teens who are working on projects, with the intention of increasing the likelihood of success. In addition, FreshBrain provides teens with tools and training in the latest technologies to complete these projects.

Providing the latest tools in technology, and a social interactive networking environment, has enabled teens to explore, create, and share with others. A result of pulling these two key online arenas together into one solution has enabled FreshBrain to attract teens comfortable with technology and communicating online. Creations from FreshBrain users range from music videos to logo designs.

Ask an Expert

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Students can post a question that will be answered within forty-eight hours by a scientist or academic researcher from anywhere in the world. The site and its services are available across the globe at no charge. Genetics Study Center - Students | Learn Science at Scitable
Free Foreign Language Lessons (Download to MP3 Player, iPod or Computer) | Open Culture

A great way to learn 37 languages for free. Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Russian and much more. You can listen to all audio lessons on your computer and mp3 player. Download and you're good to go.
Russell Stannard is a principal lecturer in Multimedia/ICT at the University of Westminster as well as the course leader in the MSc in Interactive Multimedia . He has a regular column in the English Teaching Professional called Webwatcher where he writes about technology and language teaching. The column has been running for 7 years. The ELT Professional has begun to offer free on-line examples of Russell's articles from Webwatcher. He has worked in Spain, China, Greece and the UK and was the Director of Studies of the International House Centre in Seville Spain for 9 years and a teacher trainer with the Spanish government.

Teacher Training Videos created by Russell Stannard
Over 100 hundred interactive French Activities to choose from. Shared by other teachers around the world.
Quia - Shared French Activities