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The lesson plans accompanying explore's films are written for use in the K - 12 classroom and are connected to grade level national standards. Background information about the non-profit organizations is provided along with questions for guided discussion about the films. The questions are intended for students to connect to the people and issues profiled by exploring and developing their own viewpoints and opinions. Enjoy exploring the minds of the people who will solve many of the issues profiled in these films.
Education - explore - cultural and educational films and photos


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Bloons Join the millions of other players enjoying Ninja Kiwi's Bloons game. Bloons is based on the very simple fact that popping balloons is fun. Pop your way through all 50 puzzling levels in this exceptionally fun new puzzle adventure!
The Original Bloons - NinjaKiwi
 Visit our Club House and watch the adventures of NRCat, Inspector Joules and Simon to learn more about energy conservation. Take a look at our Energy and the Environment Activity Book, a practical workbook of learning activities highlighting energy conservation. Watch Lola's Great Green Ride, featuring winning artwork from the 2008-2009 winners. Get inspired! Visit the Art Gallery and take a look at the beautiful artwork from our budding artists.
Calendar Club - Home Page

Vocabulary Online Gallery

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Vocab Online Gallery presents a collection of sites students may use for exploring words and interacting with vocabulary.Vocabulary Online Gallery

Why Glogster EDU?


For Educators:

  1. A creative, dynamic, and innovative digital outlet that captures learner's excitement for online creations, keeps learners engaged in course content, and makes teaching and learning more fun.
  2. A private and safe platform, monitored directly by teachers. Teachers control all the activities of their learners.
  3. A valuable teaching tool that integrates diverse core subjects including math, science, history, art, photography, music and more for individual learner portfolios, unique alternative assessments, and differentiated instructional activities.

For Learners:

  1. A fun, imaginative, and powerful learning experience which fosters independent creative self expression, positive learner-teacher relationships, and teamwork on collaborative class projects.
  2. A vibrant, multi-sensory learning experience which integrates learner's knowledge and skills into traditionally text-oriented subjects and motivates learner's desire to explore topics in which they may previously have been less interested.

Glogster - Poster Yourself | Text, Images, Music and Video
Analyze forensic evidence and test your investigative skills.
CSI: The Experience - Web Adventures
Audio Owl is a great service for locating and listening to free audio books. Audio Owl catalogs public domain recordings of books that are in the public domain. Because the recordings are in the public domain anyone is free to download, listen to, and share the recordings. Audio Owl has arranged hundreds of recordings into an easy-to-browse collection. You can browse the collection by genre or search by title, author, or keyword. If you choose to browse by genre, Audio Owl presents all of the titles in a visually appealing display of book covers.
AudioOwl - Children - Free audio Books - Download mp3 and iPod format today


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Delve into the different sections on this resource and you will find a variety of science activities and information. There is something for everyone - from age 5 years upwards, including parents and teachers. All modules are based on educational recommendations from various sources and therefore have intrinsic educational value.
ActiveScience - GSK
Looking for tools to help teach your students and patrons how to use Google more effectively?
Google Librarian Central - Tools
I dedicated myself to creating this manual to make searching on the Internet easier for non-techie people. While most of us will know how to use search engines in their most basic form, there are numerous other ways we can go about finding these things, using specific methods for each particular kind of search. From images, to videos, to products - we've tried to cover all major search engine branches in this guide. We'll also explore how search engines work, to get a better understanding of them. This way you can optimize your search queries, as well as your own online content. Hope you enjoy it. ~Dean Sherwin

MakeUseOf.com_-_Searching.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Over 100 hundred interactive French Activities to choose from. Shared by other teachers around the world.
Quia - Shared French Activities
Videos can be a good teaching resource, but they need to be used as part of lesson rather than being the lesson. Annenberg Media provides lesson plans that model using video as a part of the lesson rather than using video as the lesson. Lesson plans are categorized by content and grade level. Most of the lesson plans include free online videos. To find lessons that include free online videos look for a small "VOD" symbol attached near the title of each lesson plan. Clicking the VOD symbol will launch a video player in a new window.
Teacher Professional Development and Teacher Resources by Annenberg Media
Arcademic Skill Builders are research-based and standards-aligned educational games that offer an innovative approach to teaching basic academic skills. We incorporate features of arcade games and educational practices into fun online games that will engage, motivate, and teach your students.

Arcademic Skill Builders: Online Educational Games

WordAhead now gives teachers the ability to create custom playlists of vocabulary videos. The playlists can be shared via email, a posted link on a blog, or by posting a vocabulary video widget on a blog or website. The teacher section of WordAhead also offers advice for having students create their own vocabulary videos.

World History For Kids Online Textbook Use the links below, or to the left to open a chapter of our free online world history textbook. Brought to you by the KidsKnowIt Network, the Totally Free Children's Learning Network.
World History For Kids - By
Place Spotting is a website of geographic riddles. Place Spotting is based on the Google Earth platform. Place Spotting users can create their own geographic riddles or try to solve riddles created by others. The search feature on Place Spotting lets users search for riddles based on level of difficulty, language, region, or creation date. | The online map game | solve
Use this game to learn your directions.
Cyberchase . Games . Cyberchase and the Eye of Rom | PBS Kids

Treasure Hunt Google Earth

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In this treasure hunt you will become familiar with Google Earth and the Modern Seven Wonders of the World. You will work with a partner and use Google Earth and the Internet resources listed to answer the research questions that follow. When you have finished, answer the Big Question that asks you to combine a lot of what you learned through the treasure hunt into a "big picture."
Treasure Hunt Google Earth
  1. A creative, dynamic, and innovative digital outlet that captures learner's excitement for online creations, keeps learners engaged in course content, and makes teaching and learning more fun.
  2. A private and safe platform, monitored directly by teachers. Teachers control all the activities of their learners.
  3. A valuable teaching tool that integrates diverse core subjects including math, science, history, art, photography, music and more for individual learner portfolios, unique alternative assessments, and differentiated instructional activities.

Glogster - Poster Yourself | Text, Images, Music and Video

Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie

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Create movies from the text you provide.
Make 3D Movies for Free

Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie
These daily news podcasts from the BBC could be an excellent resource for anyone teaching current events. To keep kids reading, you could have them read the scripts while listening to the podcasts.
BBC - Podcasts - World News For Children
Opening the collections of nine national museums and galleries.
Word games, puzzles, quizzes, exercises, slang, proverbs and much more.
Interesting Things for ESL/EFL Students (Fun English Study)
Web search can be a remarkable research tool for students - and we've heard from educators that they could use some help to teach better search skills in their classroom. The following Search Education lessons were developed by Google Certified Teachers to help you do just that. The lessons are short, modular and not specific to any discipline so you can mix and match to what best fits the needs of your classroom. Additionally, all lessons come with a companion set of slides (and some with additional resources) to help you guide your in-class discussions.
Google For Educators - Web Search

Free online books library for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast.

Absolutely FREE online books
Thousands of novels, poems, stories
Easy to read books online

Online Books, Poems, Short Stories - Read Print Library

ThinkQuest : Library

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Earth Science

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Explore the World of Earth Science. An incredible site with interactive visualizations and investigations about all topics of Earth Science.
Earth Science
Game Classroom contains a nice collection of Math and language arts learning games.
Educational Games, Worksheets & Homework Help for Kids, Parents and Teachers | Game Classroom

Read and publish online for free from anywhere. Explore the Library to find magazines, newspapers, eBooks and more.

Over 1 million publications read each month.

Yudu Library

Lit2Go: MP3 Stories and Poems

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This is an incredible site that has hundreds of stories and poems that you can download in "mp3" format. You can also download and view the stories in text format to accompany the audio. This could be one of the most valuable resources for audio media I have ever seen
Lit2Go: MP3 Stories and Poems

Video Resources Online

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Using video in the classroom can help students make connections and provide them with opportunities to practice media literacy and critical viewing skills.

There are many FREE videos/clips online!  Below is a collection of links to video-rich websites.  While this is certainly not a complete list of all the video sites on the web, it will hopefully provide you with a variety of video resources for you to use in your classroom.

NC Live

Includes over 250 documentary and educational video programs chosen by NC librarians.  Search for videos or by topics including science, US and world history, biography, current events, the arts, and other subjects.  Also includes several educational series for children.  You can access the videos from school (or at home with a password from your local library).

Snag Films- free documentaries

Choose from over 850 full-length documentary films to watch online (or embed in your blog) for free.  The films I've watched on this site include short commercials, but there are some great documentaries here.  Search by keyword or topics, including campus, environment, health, history, international, life and culture, music and arts, politics, religion and spirituality, science and nature, sports and hobbies, and women's issues.

Open Video

This shared digital video collection includes thousands of clips/videos searchable by keyword as well as by genre and duration.  Collections include videos from NASA, National Archives, and more.


This site has links to tons of videos (and images) for preschool through high school.  Videos have been viewed to ensure they are safe, accurate, and appropriate for students. Search by keyword or by category. There are also Web 2.0 tools and lessons available on NeoK12.

PBS Video

Find PBS video by program, topic, or collection.  You can also search by keyword.  If you can't find a video you're looking for, you can look in their "more videos" section .

PBS Kids Video

The kids video section of PBS includes hundreds of hours of full-length shows and clips of some of PBS kids programming, including Arthur, Maya & Miguel, WordGirl, and more.

National Geographic Channel Videos

Featured video categories include full episodes, animals and nature, exploration and adventure, history and events, people and places, science and technology, Nat Geo wild, preserve our planet, and dog whisperer.


The History Channel website includes a video section where you can search by keyword, view by show, or by topic.  Categories include American history, military history, mysteries and unexplained, science and technology, and society and culture.

Academic Earth

Find full video courses and lectures from world scholars at universities such as Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.  Search by keyword, subject, university, or top rated instructors.  Subjects include biology, chemistry, history, literature, math, and much more.  Even thought these are college level lectures, there is certain to be some content adaptable to high school level classes.

BBC Learning Zone Clips

Most any search for educational resources online will lead me to a BBC website.  Looking for educational videos is no exception.  This BBC site included video clips for primary and secondary students in subjects such as art, history, foreign language, language arts, math, and more.  Find clips for subject area topics or search by keyword or clip number.


This site includes thousands of wildlife images, information, and videos.  You can search by keyword in the species, video, or images search box.  Arkive includes a special focus on threatened species.


The Loyola University Chicago School of Education has posted over 300 math topic program clips from its cable television show Countdown.  You can find 4-7 minute clips in categories (number and operations, algebra, measurement, geometry, data analysis and probability, extended response, technology, and connections) for elementary grade levels.


TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design.  Each year, there is a TED conference in California and Oxford UK featuring speakers from all over the world who give a short (less than 18 minutes) talk on "Ideas Worth Spreading."  Search by theme (technology, entertainment, design, business, science, culture, arts, and global issues), speakers, ratings, and more.  New talks are posted often.

NOVA Teachers Video

From PBS, the NOVA Teachers video section includes complete programs and shorter science clips.  Search the teachers site by keyword or view videos by subject (including chemistry, earth science, life science, social studies, and more).


The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has a video collection with clips related to neuroscience, infectious diseases, DNA, and more.  The video search section includes lecture topics and video from the DNA Interactive section of the site  Videos from this site could be used in a high school classroom.

Teachers Domain (requires free registration)

This website requires free registration, but has a wealth of materials including videos, professional development resources, and other digital media resources.  After logging in, you can bookmark your favorite sections of the site to create easy access to the content that is most relevant to you.  Browse by K-12 subject area, professional development topic, or special collection or search by keyword.


Videos and pictures on this site are student-produced and will be approved by moderators before being posted online.  Therefore, this site is a great resource for finding student created materials that are safe and appropriate.  Search by keyword, categories, or by channels.

Teacher Tube

Think of You Tube for education and you'll understand the idea behind Teacher Tube.  You can find student and teacher created videos for the classroom as well as professional development content.  Search by keyword or browse the channels.  Content can be rated by users and inappropriate content can be flagged.


This interactive news and history portal from NBC is designed for students.

Description from the website:
"iCue is a fun, innovative learning environment built around video from the NBC News Archives. Videos, games, and activities correlated to courses in U.S. History, U.S. Government and Politics, and English Language and Composition, and more.  A community of friends and learners engaged in discussion around academics, current events, and important issues.  A collection of Video Cue Cards, with thousands of video clips from the NBC News archives wrapped in a tradable, interactive virtual card."

ABCya! The Leader in Kids Educational Computer Games & Activities ABCya!!! is a leader in free & exciting computer activities for elementary students to learn on the web.

History Games and Animations

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"an annotated list of great history games and animations organized around broad historical periods
History Games and Animations
Ecosystems vary in size. They can be as small as a puddle or as large as the Earth itself. Any group of living and nonliving things interacting with each other can be considered as an ecosystem.
Living Things: Habitats & Ecosystems

Atmosphere Design Lab

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Interactive about the earth's atmosphere- change the levels of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and ozone to see the effects on the earth.
Atmosphere Design Lab

All learners benefit from having a range of options available when it comes to showing what they know or presenting what they've learned.  Some learners may benefit more than others.  That's because some learners will never do well when limited to the traditional option of pen and paper, or even when using a word processor.

In our digital era,  all learners benefit from developing proficiency with multimedia presentation tools.  For some learners, especially those who struggle with using text to share thoughts and ideas, multimedia tools may be essential.  This is why I am so eager to promote effective applications for multimedia presentation.

PhotoPeach - free photo slideshows with music
Student Materials Index

ReadWriteThink offers a collection of online Student Materials to support literacy learning in the K-12 classroom. These interactive tools can be used to supplement a variety of lessons and provide an opportunity for students to use technology while developing their literacy skills. Click on the name of each interactive for a brief description of the tool and a list of the ReadWriteThink lessons that use the tool. From there you'll also be able to directly access the tool and use it in your classroom.

ReadWriteThink: Student Materials

Welcome to the Web

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Thank you for visiting 'Welcome to the Web'. By using this web site, you will learn:

  • What the Internet is,
  • How to do lots of different things online,
  • How to stay safe when using the web,
  • and lots of cool Internet tricks!

Welcome to the Web
Communicate with anyone, anywhere in up to 45 languages. is a simple, free group chat that automatically translates your conversation as you type.
BabelWith.Me - Create a Conversation


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This website provides specific examples and strategies for creating electronic, educational, experiential, and engaging scrapbooks! Scrapbooking is the practice of combining photographs, memorabilia, and written narratives, poetry, quotations, stories, or other textual content into a scrapbook style album. Technology has expanded the techniques available for producing, duplicating, and distributing scrapbooks.
Many educators view the Internet and multimedia technology as factors contributing to a reduction in the amount of time children are engaged in reading books. Teaching in the Information Age requires that educators modify their view and transform their instructional practices to utilize technology's power to improve the reading ability of students. Today's students need to be guided in developing the ability to make use of the Internet and multimedia technology to increase critical literacy skills. Inquiry-based instruction in a collaborative classroom environment helps teachers to do just that. Students are motivated to read not only to find answers to their questions about the world, but also to read for enjoyment.
Reading and Technology:  Make the Connection -- Websites complied by Diana Dell, Ed.S.
Read, Learn Explore

Try out your sleuthing
skills! Play the interactive
Peetnik Mystery games - Enlighten Me
Free & fun Science resources for children, young people, teachers and parents.

Start exploring by using the sections on the right
Welcome to Planet Science
The Ancientweb is an online resource for anyone interested in the cultures of the ancient world. Please browse the current sites below, and come back often to see more countries and cultures soon to be added! The Ancient Worlds Great Civilizations

This site is about the fur trade in Canada and how it led to the exploration of the country and the formation of the oldest and largest company in Canadian history: Hudson's Bay Company. In fact, the history of the fur trade, Hudson's Bay Company and the exploration of Canada are so intertwined that they can not be separated. So read on and learn more about Canada!

Exploration the Fur Trade and Hudson's Bay Company - L'Exploration, le commerce de la fourrure et Compagnie de la Baie d'Hudson
 Welcome to LMK, the newest interactive Web site for teens from Girl Scouts and Windows. Created with help from teens like you and from industry experts, LMK will provide you with the know-how to safely navigate your online life and even help your parents to understand it. We know how important this is to you! Go ahead: explore the site, create a profile, and make an impact.

LMK: Life Online - Home

Math Arcade

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Type for Gold

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This typing activity is a lot of fun. Not good for beginners but good for primary and maybe some adults too!
Type for Gold

ePals Global Community

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Welcome to the Internet's largest global community of connected classrooms!
Safely connect, collaborate and learn using our leading protected email and blog solutions for schools and districts
BiodiversityBlack History
For a green, healthy planet
Global WarmingGlobal Warming Project
Photograph by PAUL NICKLEN
How can I minimize global warming?
HabitatsHabitats Project

ePals Global Community
Excellent Interactive Site.
BBC - Schools - what is weather

| | Comments (0) is an organization dedicated to sharing the newer and emerging "learning tools" of science education. Tools such as real-time data collection, simulations, inquiry based lessons, interactive web lessons, micro-worlds, and imaging,  among others, can help make teaching science an exciting and engaging endeavor. These tools can help connect students with science, in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. Take a look at a few different types of "learning tools" at this link, Tool Examples. At this point in our project we are highlighting some of the best web resources for science concepts. Although our main emphasis is on students, teachers, and parents, really anyone interested in science education will find the site useful and informative.

Centre of the Cell

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The teachers area and what you can do here

This area of the website has been specifically created for teachers. You can use this area of the website to help your students get the most out of their visit.

When you register with the website you will be able to:

  • Allow your students to access key stage specific information.
  • Distribute quizzes and other educational materials amongst your students and communicate with them about their learning experiences through their own personal pages.

Centre of the Cell
BrainBashers : Puzzles and Brain Teasers Welcome to BrainBashers™, an exciting collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions. With thousands of brain teasers and puzzles, over one hundred awards, BrainBashers is updated with optical illusions and games regularly and has 5 new puzzles added every other week.
Blog Basics for the Classroom is designed to provide guidance to teachers creating classroom blogs for the first time. This guide starts with an explanation of what a blog is, provides many suggestions for using a classroom blog, and concludes with step-by-step explanations for setting up a blog.
TeachersFirst: Gated Blogs for the Classroom

The Parade of Games

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The Parade of Games web site was created to provide educators and trainers with easy-to- assemble educational games in a technology- enhanced environment to support key learning points. The site demonstrates the creative use of popular game shows and other familiar games to reinforce learning.

The Science and Technology of World War II is an interactive website provided by The National World War II Museum with funding support from General Electric. The Science and Technology of WWII provides students and teachers with lesson plans, timelines, essays, images, and learning activities about the scientific and technological developments that took place during WWII.
Science and Technology of WWII
Kids Numbers is a basic mathematics program featured on the Kids Know It Network. Kids Numbers contains a twelve week program for learning addition and subtraction. As a part of the program there are twenty-one games designed for practicing and reinforcing addition and subtraction skills.
Math For Kids - By

Kids Around the World | Home

Kids Around The World is a project sponsored by the National Peace Corps Association. The purpose of Kids Around The World is for elementary school age students to learn about life as a child in another country. Students can learn about the lives of their global peers in nineteen countries spread across four continents. Students visiting Kids Around The World can read interviews with a child from each country, view pictures and maps, and learn about the history and geography of each country. In case of some countries featured on Kids Around The World there are educational games to be played.
Kids Around the World | Home

The MY HERO Project Homepage


My Hero is a site where students can write about people they view as...heroes. You can register and create a multimedia webpage about your choices, but, even better (at least, in my view), you can go to the Guestbook area and write a short piece that appears immediately (there are automatic filters to screen content, plus it's manually screened later).

The MY HERO Project Homepage


Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art -- and share your creations on the web. Scratch is designed to help young people (ages 8 and up) develop 21st century learning skills. As they create Scratch projects, young people learn important mathematical and computational ideas, while also gaining a deeper understanding of the process of design.
scratchworkshop » home

General Money Links:



Help you and your children explore some of the fundamentals of banking.


Kid's Making Money

Students can find ideas for making money and suggest their own.


Articles on spending money wisely

That's My Piggy!

Students share their favorite piggy banks.

The U.S. Mint for KIDS

Games and information for kids

The U.S. Treasury

The U.S. Treasury for Kids

Weaving and Carding Information (for A New Coat for Anna)

Online Games

Money Factory

Quiz game for kids with information on real vs. fake money.

Teachers can set up different games for students to play.

Fleet Kids' Business Game

Game for students to try starting a business and watching money grow.

Spend Well

My Savings Quest

Counting Money Game

Math at the Mall

Making Sense: Hip Pocket Game

FunBrain Change Maker

Sense and Dollars Money Games

Business Links

Virtual Factory Tour

Virtually tour hundreds of factories to see how they work

Lemonade Stand Game

Disney's Starting a Business Interactive Game

Rags to Riches: Concert Tour Organizing Game

Welcome to Math Playground


Stop Disasters

Stop Disasters is a game designed for students to learn about natural disasters, disaster prevention, and city design. There are five game scenarios that students can play. Students can plan to prepare for hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and tsunamis. The scenarios are set in geographically accurate contexts of Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.

For teachers Stop Disasters provides fact sheets to distribute to students about each type of natural disaster. Stop Disasters also provides teachers with teaching guides, lesson plan ideas, and links to additional reference materials.

Stop Disasters
Lite Type is a virtual keyboard that allows you type and search the web in your choice of 53 different languages. To use Lite Type select a language and begin typing. Lite Type displays a keyboard that shows you what each key on your computer's keyboard will generate. The keyboard key is displayed directly below the box in which your typed text appears.
Type and Search in your language with Free Online Multilingual Virtual Keyboard -
an easy-to-use, no password needed, synchronous shared notepad with all revisions stored
EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

Phil's Cooking Academy

The new interactive website at features a series of downloadable recipes and podcasts that kids can cook-along with either in class or at home.
Phil's Cooking Academy

Myths and Legends from E2BN

Myths and Legends Story Creator is a fun website that students can use to create their own cartoon myth story. The Myths and Legends story creator is a more than just your typical drag and drop cartoon builder. Myths and Legends allows students to create sound effects to insert into their stories.
Myths and Legends from E2BN

Lauri's ESL Website


Slideshows : Science Channel

From deep space to the dark side of science, these are slideshows that you'll actually want to see.
Slideshows : Science Channel

Create your own Myths or Legends


"Enjoy an interactive learning experience as you see thousands of hand-selected and relevant links to pictures, slide-shows, videos, audio-clips, artifacts, manuscripts, documents and other primary sources linked, in context, within each story."

Create your own Myths or Legends

Awesome Stories

Enjoy an interactive learning experience as you see thousands of hand-selected and relevant links to pictures, slide-shows, videos, audio-clips, artifacts, manuscripts, documents and other primary sources linked, in context, within each story.
Awesome Stories
Math Science etc. Excellent for Smart Boards.

COOL School - Online Educational Content Development for K-12

BBC - CBBC Wild - Pets


CBBC Pets is an engaging and interactive site with information about...pets.

BBC - CBBC Wild - Pets
What I've pulled for you today are blogs divided by subject and grade level for you to quickly reference, but I do encourage you to explore blogs outside of your curriculum, as well.  Some are classroom blogs.  Others are teacher reflections.  A few are teaching strategies with classroom resources, and there are even some from outside education, but relate to your curriculum.

Educational Blogs You Should Be Investigating | Making Teachers Nerdy

Pinky Dinky Doo

Silly stories for serious literacy.
Pinky Dinky Doo

Health Games for Kids and Adults | Making Health Games Fun at Playnormous Playnormous online health games are free and are designed for all age groups. Play fun games, watch animation, and learn how to stay healthy
Free Technology for Teachers: Fun Educational Science Activities from AMNH Fun Educational Science Activities from AMNH OLogy is a section of the American Museum of Natural History's website for kids. On the OLogy website students can explore a variety of science topics including genetics, biodiversity, and paleontology. Students can also learn about reptiles and watch a live lizard and snake cam. If you're looking for some hands-on student projects OLogy has ideas and directions for those too.

Calgary Public Library - Tutorials

Calgary Public Library - Tutorials If you like to learn on your own or practice after taking a technology program at the Library here are basic lessons for people learning how to use the Internet. These tutorials have been developed by Calgary Public Library and as part of the Connect Calgary program. There is a narrated soundtrack for learning by listening as well as text balloons to read. Relax, sit back and watch or listen to these gently paced lessons on using the Internet.


COUNTDOWN Home COUNTDOWN is a challenging interactive television math program which has engaged tens of thousands of students through broadcasts on cable television in Chicago. Capitalizing on the one on one relationship a student viewer has with television, COUNTDOWN makes math "work". Each week the program introduces a different math concept through direct instruction and reinforces lessons with literature, manipulatives, activities and related computer instruction. Student viewers are encouraged to call a televised phone number to participate in the show by responding to challenges presented by the on-air educators. More than three hundred different 

COUNTDOWN programs have been broadcast exploring topics many elementary students might not see in their classrooms such as logic, perimeter, area, probability, graphing, congruence, integers and much more. Focusing frequently on "under taught" concepts, 

COUNTDOWN shifts the target age for its audience from season to season to maximize the program's reach. 

COUNTDOWN also seasonally adjusts curriculum to incorporate specific instruction students need to sharpen test taking skills. The interactive component of COUNTDOWN's broadcast allows active student viewers to respond to math challenges without the distraction and pressure of fellow classmates but with the benefit of parental involvement at home.(A non confrontational parent tutoring is an added benefit of each COUNTDOWN broadcast.) 

COUNTDOWN's call-in format also allows physically challenged students to participate more equitably than is often the case in a classroom.

 COUNTDOWN was developed by Dr. Diane Schiller through Loyola University's School of Education and maintains its dedicated broadcast schedule through various grants. Dr. Schiller is joined on the weekly show by colleagues from Loyola and Chicago's public and suburban schools.

Visible Body | 3D Human Anatomy

The Visible Body is a fantastic, free, program that allows your students to virtually explore all systems of the human body. I first learned about the Visible Body through Kevin Jarrett's blog, he used the program with a 4th grade class, but the Visible Body could just as well be used in a high school setting.
Visible Body | 3D Human Anatomy
Storybooks these free animated electronic storybooks help teach science in a fun and entertaining manner
k-12 animated storybooks animations science educational childrens online homestudy curriculum free
Make Beliefs is a free comic strip creation tool that provides students with a variety of templates, characters, and prompts for building their own comic strips. Make Beliefs provides students with a pre-drawn characters and dialogue boxes which they can insert into each box of their comic strip. The editing options allow users the flexibility to alter the size of each character and dialogue bubble, bring elements forward within each box, and alter the sequence of each box in the comic strip. Students that have trouble starting a story can access writing prompts through make beliefs. Most impressively, Make Beliefs allows users to write their comic strip's dialogue in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portugese, or Latin.

MAKE BELIEFS COMIX! Online Educational Comic Generator for Kids of All Ages



Free online game from Pearson that is very well-designed.


Welcome to Bank Jr!

Bank Jr. is an educational banking website designed for elementary school students. I discovered Bank Jr. through Donna Murray's excellent blog. Bank Jr. is an interactive website on which students can learn the in's and out's of banking. Bank Jr. has a glossary of terms, a help center, and savings wizards. Bank Jr. also provides students with a history of money and a look at how different countries use money. The teachers section of Bank Jr. provides an extensive glossary of terms and some lesson ideas. Bank Jr. does not provide full-length, detailed lesson plans, but it does provide PDF's of worksheets and handouts that teachers may find useful for teaching banking lessons.

Welcome to Bank Jr!
Math TV is a math video website that I learned about through the excellent Teaching College Math blog. Math TV provides an extensive collection of high quality mathematics tutorials. Math TV's video lessons cover basic mathematics and Algebra. Math TV videos are not easily embedded in other websites, but they are free and you can create your own individualized playlists.
Math and Algebra Help - Videos from
Ironic Sans: Thsrs - The Shorter Thesaurus 1. Enter a long word. Look Up 2. Receive shorter synonyms.

Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Index

Exploratorium: Science Snacks: Index These pages are full of Snacks...but they're not the kind you eat. They're the kind you can learn from and have fun with. Exploratorium Science Snacks are miniature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium.

Myths and Legends from E2BN

Myths and Legends from E2BN Welcome to Myths and Legends. This site is for pupils, teachers and all those who enjoy stories and storytelling. The British Isles is rich in myths, folktales and legends. Almost every town, city and village in Britain has its own special story, be it a Celtic legend, Dark Age mystery, strange happening or fable.

MathsNet: Interactive Shape

MathsNet: Interactive Shape Get a clear and complete understanding of geometric shapes, their patterns and properties. You will be able to change the geometry of the pictures yourself using the mouse and see the mathematical effect these changes have. A wide range of mathematics is covered, including all four key stages, from polygons to circle theorems.

Math 3 - 5 Manipulatives

NLVM 3 - 5 Manipulatives Virtual manipulatives related to the NCTM standards for grades 3 - 5.
Shahi - A visual dictionary | Blachan Lab Shahi is a visual dictionary that combines Wiktionary content with Flickr images, and more!

Great Plant Escape

Great Plant Escape

My name is Bud. My good friend Sprout and I are helping Detective LePlant on his search. You will find that plants are an important part of your life. We will need your help to find clues, do experiments, and solve problems as we journey into the world of plants. He promises lots of fun, but remember, we're here to solve a mystery!

Good luck! We'll be with you all the way!

Scrapbooking, Free Ecards, Birthday and Greeting Cards at

Smilebox makes scrapbooking fun, easy and free! Share birthdays, holidays, special occasions, vacations, family time and more in our many fabulous designs. Choose from hundreds of digital scrapbooking layouts from leading designers including Making Memories, K & Co. and design by dani. Just add your photos, words, music, even videos, to make an online scrapbook.

Shidonni - Creative Fun for Kids

Shidonni - Creative Fun for Kids
Shidonni is a really intriguing new web application for kids.  Shidonni is an imaginary world that kids create.  It provides a virtual universe where kids can create their own imaginary world, play, and share games and interact with each other in a safe environment online.  Kids can create their own animals or characters online and make them interactive.  Their characters actually move and interact with the kids (no programming required!).  They can create a world for their character, feed their character, and play games using their character.  Watch the video on the Shidonni website for a good idea of how the program works

You don't need to register. simply click on  "Give it a try".
Kids and Cookies is an online flash game that teaches elementary students about fractions in a game setting.  Students choose characters to be their "friends" and then choose how many cookies they have.  They have to evenly share the cookies with their friends and can use different cutters to divide the cookies.  The site provides a great introduction to rational number fractions.
Kids and Cookies: an Interactive Fraction Game for Children



What is FreeReading?

FreeReading is an open-source instructional program that helps educators teach early literacy. Because it is open-source, it represents the collective wisdom of a wide community of teachers and researchers. FreeReading contains a 40-week scope and sequence of phonological awareness and phonics activities that can support and supplement a typical kindergarten or first grade core or basal program.

Main Page - FreeReading



Cyberbee Copyright Application

Cyberbee Copyright is an online flash application to teach students about copyright laws.  Copyright laws can be difficult to teach and difficult for students to understand.  Cyberbee makes it simple.  The flash site features students raising their hands, each asking a different question about copyright issues.  When students "call" on the cyber student, they get the answer to the question.  The site uses language that is easy for students to understand. 
cb_copyright.swf (application/x-shockwave-flash Object)
Listen to Fables, Nursery Rhymes, Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Lullabies, and More! | Speakaboos

Speakaboos is a collection of online children stories read by celebrities (although this is not what impresses me).  Each story is read aloud with flash illustrations and the words on each page for read-along.  The stories are captivating and include popular titles like Arthur and Curious George. 

The Week in Rap

The Week in Rap The Week in Rap: Current Events in Hip-Hop A week's worth of news, rapped. New every Friday.
Aviary - Phoenix Phoenix Image Editor From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application.
ICDL - International Children's Digital Library Our Mission The mission of the International Children's Digital Library Foundation is to excite and inspire the world's children to become members of the global community - children who understand the value of tolerance and respect for diverse cultures, languages and ideas -- by making the best in children's literature available online.
KIDO'Z Browser - A browser made for kids - Flash Player Installation Why KIDO'Z Browser ? Safe & free internet browsing for kids. Easy to use. Kids don't need to know how to read or write. Direct access to the best sites, videos and games for kids on the net.

Museum Box Homepage

Museum Box Homepage Welcome to Museum Box, This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. What items, for example, would you put in a box to describe your life; the life of a Victorian Servant or Roman soldier; or to show that slavery was wrong and unnecessary? You can display anything from a text file to a movie. You can also view and comment on the museum boxes submitted by others.
Play interactive games to boost your brain | What2Learn

The main What2Learn system contains over 2,000 interactive learning games to help you succeed in school. Sign up for FREE access to all of these games. Your scores will be automatically recorded and doing well will earn you credits to buy things for your online character. Why are you waiting? Register now!

Option Three: Play a user-gene

Pilot Math - Pilot Math - a fun and interactive math resource built for students of all abilities . Welcome to Pilot Math Embrace a new learning resource for British Columbia math students! Now you can use textbooks and workbooks that are 100% aligned with British Columbia's IRP. Every school can access an extensive collection of FREE online media that students can use from home or school. Pilot Math makes learning math fun and interactive. Built for classrooms with or without media, it is easy to integrate into any setting and can accommodate students with a variety of skill levels.

Welcome to SchoolWAX TV!



Concerned with what you might find on other media sharing sites?

SchoolWAX TV was designed with schools, students, teachers, and parents in mind. You will only find educator approved videos on SchoolWAX TV so everyone can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. SchoolWAX TV is the perfect resource for students who are working on their homework or just need a little extra help on any given subject. Teachers can use the animations and videos to capture their students' attention and enrich classroom lessons!

Watch, share, and upload.

SchoolWAX TV - Don't Get Stuck! | Video Homework Help | Student Videos | Educator Videos | Upload Your Videos!
A Walk in the Forest - National Zoo| FONZ

Take a walk in this virtual Virginia forest and do field research using the same scientific methodologies and tools that Smithsonian scientists use to monitor forest biodiversity!

Science is Fun!


The master of chemical demonstrations and science policy advocate, University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, shares the fun of science through home science activities, public presentations, scholarship, and other programs of the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy.

Science is Fun!


The master of chemical demonstrations and science policy advocate, University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri, shares the fun of science through home science activities, public presentations, scholarship, and other programs of the Wisconsin Initiative for Science Literacy.



Applications for Education
Free Rice and games like it are good resources for students to use to review and develop vocabulary. Students like playing Free Rice because they immediately know if they were right or wrong. The instantaneous feedback is part of what makes the game appealing to students. That instantaneous feedback creates a challenge for students to improve their knowledge individually

Windows Movie Maker 2 - Movies

Welcome to our FREE tutorial series on Windows® Movie Maker 2.

Windows Movie Maker 2 lets you create, edit, and share your movies right on your PC. It's easy to use, yet it provides powerful capabilities that rival those of expensive computer editing packages.

You can download the software FREE from Microsoft®. It works with both Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional Edition.

Windows Movie Maker 2 - Movies

Have fun reading our online interactive stories, which are perfect to read to your child or for your preschool or school age child to read with you or alone. We have stories about a Princess, a Pirate, Curious Baby, BunBun, Beakley, and Educational books.

Play The Peetnik Mysteries


So, you want to try solving a mystery or two? Welcome to Clutterbuck Valley - a quirky town full of oddballs and oddities. The strange and mysterious. Regular and irregular people.


Google Lit Trips is a website dedicated to a concept that I've written about in the past, placing story lines into a Google Earth tour. Google Lit Trips is a great source of user generated Google Earth content. The purpose of Google Lit Trips is to share KMZ files based on a book's story line. For example, Google Lit Trips has a Google Earth tour based on the places mentioned in the book My Brother Sam is Dead. offers sixteen free spelling games. Most of the games seem to be designed with grades 3, 4, and 5 in mind.

Spin and Spell has been featured on a number of blogs over the last year. Spin and Spell asks students to select a picture and then spell the name of the item. Alternatively, students can have word select for them and then identify the correct corresponding image.

The Absolutely Free And Totally

Fun Way To Improve Your
Spelling. Practice Spelling Words helps
to dramatically improve your
students ability to learn and retain
spelling words.

great place to find videos of science experiments in action.

Destination Impossible is a game from the BBC where the player has to follow a series of instructions to get around a town.

| is a fun, new children's entertainment site that celebrates reading and books.

The site features TV star Kathy Kinney as Mrs. P, an adventurous redhead who brings Story Time to life with her video library of classic children's stories -- all of which offer special read-along options. Mrs. P's Magic Library has animated games and is a meeting spot for an assortment of quirky, comic characters. has no ads, and admission is absolutely free -- with no subscription fees.

Visitors to Mrs. P's Library will need a high-speed connection to enjoy all of its features. Her Library is open 24 hours a day, welcomes everyone and has one simple message: reading is cool.

Incredibots is a new online game that is called part of the "physics-based" genre. In these kinds of games (it seems to me, at least), you basically build things that then do weird things. A full explanation of this particular game can be found at Jay Is Games.

The key element here that makes it relevant to language-learning is that players can create a film of their "adventure," include a text description, and embed it in a teacher/student blog or website.

If you're interested in connecting music to other areas of the curriculum, this page is for you!  It contains links to all of my free arts integration resources, multimedia activities, and homemade instrument projects.  Enjoy!

For Grades 6, 7 & 8

Engaging Science - Online Games

Engaging Science hosts several excellent interactive games, including ones on sound, space, and wetlands. They're

Science Activity Movies from Primary Science in Ireland are movies  They're well-done animated movies with subtitles on topics such as triangles, crystals, periscopes and rockets.

Glossopedia Home

Glossopedia is an interactive site about nature, the environment and animals.

Expedition Game

The games themselves are engaging and simple. The first one is an engaging "I Spy" activity that's good for vocabulary development.

The American Museum of Natural History has an excellent feature called Science Bulletins.

It has an extensive collection (and appears to be regularly updated) of short interactives and videos about important science issues. They are surprisingly accessible to English Language Learners, and the videos provide closed-captions.

CREATE A "PHOTROPISM": At Phototropism you "create sculptures that react like plants to weather conditions." You can then email the link for posting. It's cool -- in a very weird sort of way.

Planet Green Game




Online Spelling Program


We are an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun. has: 

- Over 37,000 spelling words and eight spelling games!
- A REAL person who says each word and sentence
- Thousands of free spelling lists. Or save your own!

BBC - Entertainment - Hard Spell

skrbl for teams
Team resources for online collaboration. Powerful new features designed to let you work better together. Share resources with your team, co browse the web, annotate shared documents, video phone, skype calls ... share ideas, communicate & sync like never before. 'team-skrbl' is the next best thing to being in the same room.

splatsq100 - Counting Math!


Tar Heel Reader



Welcome to the Tar Heel Reader, a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces (i.e. switches, alternative keyboards, touch screens, and dedicated AAC devices). The books may be downloaded as slide shows in PowerPoint, Impress, or Flash format.

K-5 Health Resources

This site features the sample units from the Saskatchewan Health Education Curriculum and also additional Health Education resources.

Clipart ETC Homepage


Free clipart for students & teachers!

40,000 pieces of free clipart and growing every month.

Welcome to quality educational clipart. Every item comes with a choice of image size and format as well as complete source information for proper citations in school projects. No advertisement-filled pages with pop-up windows or inappropriate links here. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 items in a single, non-commercial project without further permission.

Welcome to BibMe! The fully automatic bibliography maker that auto-fills. It's the easiest way to build a works cited page. And it's free.

1 Search for a book, article, website, or film, or enter the information yourself.
2 Add it to your bibliography.
3 Download your bibliography in either the MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian formats and include it in your paper. It's that easy! artPad

Express yourself with the ArtPad!

Make A Story With Band-Aids?


A manufacturer of band-aids in the United Kingdom (I guess they call them "plasters" over there) lets you create an animated story, with text, on their site.

All the characters in the story are made of band-aids.

It's a bit strange, but cute.



Kindergarten Web Resources


Grade 2 Web Resources


Grade 1 Web Resources


Grade 8 Web Resources


Grade 7 Web Resources


Grade 6 Web Resources


Grade 5 Web Resources


Grade 4 Web Resources


Grade 3 Web Resources


Cyber Ethics for Students and Youth * Home * Sitemap * Search * Glossary * Acknowledgment

Scenarios for Internet Ethics


Zippy Scenarios for Teaching Internet Ethics Note to educators: Feel free to use any of the following scenarios for educational purposes. And please feel free to share your own ideas too! Send scenario suggestions to francey at - Passport: Australia


Get a firsthand look at the land down under, from the Great Barrier Reef to the outback!

Klondike Rush for Gold


Audio Puzzler - Intro

Audio Puzzler is a new kind of puzzle game based on, well, snippets of audio found online. The audio is taken from popular video clips, so that when you complete the puzzle you'll be able to watch the video as well. Get a sense for how to play and then dive in.

nonfiction stories that your early readers can hear and see as they read along.

In an engaging way helps players see how many animals have become endangered because of the way societies (and poachers) have used them for their horns, skin or fur. It's done appropriately for children, and it's accessible to English Language Learners, and and it's educational for everyone. I just wouldn't have used the word "fun" to describe it

Snakes & Ladders | Tullie House


Students can play Roman Snakes and Ladders, either alone or with a partner, to have a little fun and to learn a bit about the ancient Romans. Depending upon which square you land on, an image of an artifact will pop-up with a short description.

Big Bob's Burger Joint


It's an online video game where the player is a server in a fast-food restaurant. All the items are labeled.

Anatomy Arcade - Home


Anatomy Arcade makes basic human anatomy come ALIVE through awesome free flash games and interactives.

Finally, students can play flash games in class and not get in trouble for it and teachers can run lessons that will engage students like never before.