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YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


Today, Google has launched YouTube EDU, which centralizes the content from over 100 universities and colleges (get list here).  This robust collection gives you access to lectures by professors and world-renowned thought leaders, new research and campus tours. At the moment, you can access over 200 full courses from leading universities, including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale and  IIT/IISc.  And it's all searchable within YouTube EDU.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

In November, Google launched  a 3D tour of Ancient Rome, circa 320 AD. The tour, produced with the help of the Rome Reborn project at the University of Virginia, features over 6,000 buildings, some rendered in fine detail, and it includes some interiors as well. The Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Basilica Julia, the Temple of Vesta -- they're all there. The video above introduces you to the tour, and shows you how to access it on Google Earth. (The software can be downloaded here). I should note that Google just held a competition that let educators develop history lessons (aimed at high school students) using elements of the 3D Tour. The winners and their lessons can be found here.

BackUp URL

BackupURL.com is the tool you were looking for in order to make the internet freeze! How many times have you found something on the net which you really crave and that you want to show all your friends, and when you return to the site everything has changed? 


Online video has really changed the way we use the internet. If you still haven't gotten the most out of online video, then you're going to love Klewel.com. 

With this site, you'll be able to create your customized video player, which works great for conferences and events. What's the best part? You'll be able to tape your event, and alongside it, show the slides you used for your presentation. This makes your video a lot more useful, as people who are watching it from home will be further immersed into the online conference. It's great for professors who like to use this

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