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Simply upload your PDFs and other documents to create search engine friendly page-turning publications that can be added to your website or sent out on email. Create your own personalised library to store and share your digital magazines and other content with the world.
Publish Digital Magazines and More Online for Free | YUDU
Have you ever needed to take a screen shot to assist someone or change a web page into a PDF. If so, this site is for you! You can change any web site into a PDF instantly! - Convert and save pdf from any webpage for free is an extended library of freeware, shareware and commercial software for Windows, Linux, and Mac. is intended for those who are looking for tools. We attempt to carry out a simple mission: to provide you with the best software available on the Web. offers a comprehensive gathering of applications. We bring to the focus mainly freeware and shareware. Though, here you will be able to find the best commercial products. When making our choice of commercial software we were guided by several principles. We gave our preference to the most popular, most frequently downloaded, reliable, effective software at affordable prices.
Downloadpedia - The Software Encyclopedia
Looking for tools to help teach your students and patrons how to use Google more effectively?
Google Librarian Central - Tools


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Zotero [zoh-TAIR-oh] is a free, easy-to-use Firefox extension to help you collect, manage, and cite your research sources. It lives right where you do your work--in the web browser itself.

Zotero | Home
With Architect Studio 3D, the Preservation Trust brings to young architects everywhere the exciting process of designing a home -- hands-on. Starting as real architects do, with a client who has lifestyle preferences and a site that has its own environmental considerations, you will use your imagination to design your own architectural solutions.
Architect Studio 3D, from the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust
Russell Stannard is a principal lecturer in Multimedia/ICT at the University of Westminster as well as the course leader in the MSc in Interactive Multimedia . He has a regular column in the English Teaching Professional called Webwatcher where he writes about technology and language teaching. The column has been running for 7 years. The ELT Professional has begun to offer free on-line examples of Russell's articles from Webwatcher. He has worked in Spain, China, Greece and the UK and was the Director of Studies of the International House Centre in Seville Spain for 9 years and a teacher trainer with the Spanish government.

Teacher Training Videos created by Russell Stannard
Just Paste It ia a very, very simple ways to create websites. IT is ideal for teachers or students who are not very tech savvy, and just want a place to add links or, for example, if students have an assignment where they might need to collect images and then describe them. No registration is required for either one. - publish text and share with friends
During the last six or so years I have created a number of 'how-to' documents and presentations for a variety of web based and related technologies. They are available from the various workshop web pages however I thought it might prove helpful to link to all the documents from a single page. Some of my workshop participants have referred to these documents as 'cheat sheets'.
Teaching and technology ~ presentations and resources for educators

Google Image Swirl

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Google announced a new image search option called Image Swirl. Image Swirl is similar to Wonder Wheel which I've previously written about here and here. To use Image Swirl, just enter your search term as you would in the regular image search service. The results of your search will be displayed in a grid similar to that with which you're probably familiar. Click any image in the grid a web of more, related, images will appear. Click an image in the web and another web of images will appear.
Google Image Swirl
This is a community for teachers and students interested in global education. Contribute by adding media, conversation, and collaborative project ideas. Make sure you post an intro in the forum!

The Global Education Collaborative - Helping Teachers and Students Reach the World
This collection of sites with "generous" copyright licensing is a nice place to start if you need some images or sounds for your Web page, blog, wiki, podcast, or videos; remember to read the usage rights and the citation information required by each site before you use their materials
copyrightfriendly - home
The introduction of SWF export feature has pleased many of you. However, odds are that a big part of you haven't ever worked with SWF files before. And the biggest challenge is to embed them properly into a website. That's why we made this easy to use embed code generator that will help you compile the perfect* swf embed code:
ClickTAG swf embed code generator | BannerSnack Blog
A search engine that provides results colored coded based on readability levels
Twurdy Search - Search for Readable Results

ZoomIt - AWESOME!!

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If you do ANY presentations, this is a must for all your computers!!!!! Here is a link to a great tutorial on how to use it:

ZoomIt v4.1 By Mark Russinovich Published: October 21, 2009 Download ZoomIt (267 KB) Introduction ZoomIt is screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations. ZoomIt runs unobtrusively in the tray and activates with customizable hotkeys to zoom in on an area of the screen, move around while zoomed, and draw on the zoomed image. I wrote ZoomIt to fit my specific needs and use it in all my presentations. ZoomIt works on all versions of Windows and you can use pen input for ZoomIt drawing on tablet PCs. Using ZoomIt The first time you run ZoomIt it presents a configuration dialog that describes ZoomIt's behavior, let's you specify alternate hotkeys for zooming and for entering drawing mode without zooming, and customize the drawing pen color and size. I use the draw-without-zoom option to annotate the screen at its native resolution, for example. ZoomIt also includes a break timer feature that remains active even when you tab away from the timer window and allows you to return to the timer window by clicking on the ZoomIt tray icon.

Teens and the internet

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In 2002 the Pew Research Institute conducted a study of teenagers and how they are using the internet in education.   Below are some excerpts from the 37 page report.  It's an interesting read for educators and community members. ......

Some statistics on teen internet use for school:

  • Nearly every online teen (94% of 12 to 17 year olds who report using the Internet) has used the Internet for school research;
  • 71% used the Internet as the major source for their most recent school project
  • 58% have used a Web site set up by school or a class;
  • 34% have downloaded a study aid; and
  • 17% have created a Web page for a school project.

Teens and the internet - 180 Free Technology Tip #29
"DocVerse will literally change the way you think about working with other people on your documents.  It is the FIRST product to allow multiple people to edit the same document at the same time.   It lets you share documents with each other easily over the web and automatically tracks version history, eliminating the pains of using back-and-forth email attachments".
DocVerse | Group Collaboration Bliss
They say today's educators are overworked and underpaid. Luckily, the web offers tools to make your professional life more manageable and less stressful. These add-ons might not change your salary, but we're sure they'll ease your workload.
99 Awesome Firefox Add-ons for Educators - Online Courses


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Do you have a great idea? See what others think about it!!!

Very neat
E N D O R S E M E allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge! Create interactive flash tools / games for education
This site is just cool! I am sure all educators could find something interesting here!
Instructables - Make, How To, and DIY

Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie

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Create movies from the text you provide.
Make 3D Movies for Free

Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie

Microsoft DreamSpark

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Free Software for High School Students! Announcing: DreamSpark
After a teacher or administrator registers a high school on the DreamSpark site, students from that school can sign up to download Expression Studio & other valuable Microsoft software at no charge.
These educational materials provide a variety of resources for learning Web design with the tools provided in Microsoft Expression Studio software.  Students, educators and hobbyists of all ages will find quick tutorials, short learning units and extensive course content to fit their individual teaching and learning styles. The range of difficulty goes from easy - with the quick start tutorials that require no previous Web design experience- to a more advanced level for people who are already skillful at using Web technologies and employing design strategies.  The one semester web design course is appropriate for high school and introductory post-secondary technology courses.
Microsoft DreamSpark is a new service that makes it possible to view YouTube videos without displaying the related videos and associated comments. This could be a particularly useful tool for anyone publicly showing a YouTube clip. To use simply copy the url of a YouTube video and paste it into
SafeShare.TV - distraction free videos

100 People: A World Portrait

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Understanding the world population is hindered by the sheer size of the task. We can measure numbers and statistics, but the reality of 6.5 billion people is infinitely more difficult to comprehend. While no project could accurately portray the life experiences of each one of us, looking at a representative sample of 100 is a more manageable place to begin, and is a figure we can actually visualize. It is our hope that this work will inspire others to see the world in a new way. Who are the people each of us shares our neighborhood, community, town, school, and country with? Where does each of us fit in?

100 People: A World Portrait

Science Alive! - home

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Great Example of Wiki developed by students to teach about Grade 8 Science

Science Alive! - home

All My Faves | Education

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...a colorful page that presents the user with the editors' picks for the top sites for educators; be prepared to explore for hours!
All My Faves | Education

  Back to School Checklists
...this site links to sites to help you get off to a good start
  Back to School from Scholastic
...icebreakers, plans, and units for the K-5 grade levels
  Back to School Technology Activities
...teacher-submitted ideas for technology use at the start of the school year
  Back to School Theme
...all types of back-to-school lessons and ideas
  End of Year Planning
...links to lessons and activities for the end of the school year
  First Day Activities
...links to lots of ideas for fun and useful activities for the first day of school
  First Day of School Sites
...a link to all types of sites to help you get ready for the first day of school
  Icebreakers and Energizers
...a nice list of beginning-of-school year activities
  Icebreakers for the First Day of School
...teacher-tested ideas for the first week back to school
  Icebreakers, Warm-up, Review, and Motivator Activities
...icebreaker activities and revies for every age
  Icebreakers, Warmups, Energizers, & Deinhibitizers
...some icebreakers for older students as well as link to other sites
  101 Things for the First Three Weeks
...common sense and practical tips for setting the stage for a good year
  Student Interest Inventory #1
...a fun interest inventory to give to students at the start of the school year to learn more about them
  Student Interest Inventory #2
...a interest inventory to give to students to learn more about them
  Teaching Hearts Ultimate Back to School Stop
...tons of resources for early primary teachers and easily adaptable for the higher grades
  Tips for Getting Organized
...all kinds of ideas for organizing your classsroom, your students, and much more

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators - Educational Resource Lists - Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
The WGBH video collections brings together talks from the world's leading scientists, educators, policymakers, artists, and authors. Some pieces come from PBS, NPR, Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and The Lowell Institute.
WGBH Forum Network | Free Online Lectures

Annenberg Media

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Annenberg Media uses media and telecommunications to advance excellent teaching in American schools. This mandate is carried out chiefly by the funding and broad distribution of educational video programs with coordinated Web and print materials for the professional development of K-12 teachers. It is part of The Annenberg Foundation and advances the Foundation's goal of encouraging the development of more effective ways to share ideas and knowledge.

Annenberg Media's multimedia resources help teachers increase their expertise in their fields and assist them in improving their teaching methods. Many programs are also intended for students in the classroom and viewers at home. All Annenberg Media videos exemplify excellent teaching.

Annenberg Media
TubeChop allows you to easily chop a funny or interesting section from any YouTube video and share it.
TubeChop - Chop YouTube Videos
Communicate with anyone, anywhere in up to 45 languages. is a simple, free group chat that automatically translates your conversation as you type.
BabelWith.Me - Create a Conversation


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This website provides specific examples and strategies for creating electronic, educational, experiential, and engaging scrapbooks! Scrapbooking is the practice of combining photographs, memorabilia, and written narratives, poetry, quotations, stories, or other textual content into a scrapbook style album. Technology has expanded the techniques available for producing, duplicating, and distributing scrapbooks.
It's easy to say that you're ready to change the world, but how do you get started? Even if you don't have a specific cause or mission in mind, expanding your education and understanding of the world will give you a solid foundation for your ultimate adventures. These 100 awesome open courses, ranging from health and medicine to engineering to religion to policy making to media will get you on your way.
100 Awesome Open Courses for Those Who Want to Change the World | Select Courses


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I mingle all your feeds into one to produce a combined RSS, Atom, JSON and a widget

Your audience - or even your students - are tweeting : How do you draw them into your presentation?

By asking for their opinion, and displaying their tweets directly in your PowerPoint slides.

With Poll Everywhere, you can invite people to tweet a short comment directly to your slide in real-time, while still blocking inappropriate or off-topic tweets. You can also ask multiple choice questions and watch a graph evolve as people vote. 

Download slides that show live results. Nothing to install!

Free and paid price plans

Use Twitter in PowerPoint | Poll Everywhere

Neat Free Fonts

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Cool fonts! 10000+ Free TrueType Fonts. The largest hand-selected archive in the Net.

Tested and works great!!!!
Scoopler is a new search engine that allows you to simultaneously search Delicious, Digg, Twitter, and Flickr in one place. Scoopler is quite simple, enter a search term and you'll find results from all four of those services. Results are sorted into two columns, "live" which provides the most recently shared links and "popular" which is based on the number of times a link has been shared.

Scoopler: Real-time search

Used by thousands of schools and colleges, with over 700,000 registered users and over 1.3 million monthly visitors (March 2009), TESconnect is the central focus for the UK teaching community to share their ideas, thoughts and views outside the staffroom. TESconnect is a social network that allows teachers to network, share resources and search for jobs. It is the world's largest social network for a single profession and allows teachers to connect with other professionals to find and share their best classroom resources and advice. Split into five user-friendly sections including jobs, community, resources and My TES, the site gives teachers access to tools that have the potential to transform lesson planning and the quality of lessons taught.
TES Connect - Teaching Jobs, Resources & Community

Net Trekker Village

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This could be an interesting partnership.... They do what we do....

Conect and share with other educational technological educators.

The ISTE Classroom Observation Tool (ICOT®) is a FREE online tool that provides a set of questions to guide classroom observations of a number of key components of technology integration.
an easy-to-use, online voice recording utility; no log-in or password is needed, and you can download the file (in WAV format) email it, or embed it

Vocaroo | Record and send voice emails
Printing out elegant certificates has never been easier!
It's 100% free!
Free Award Certificate Templates -
BrainBashers : Puzzles and Brain Teasers Welcome to BrainBashers™, an exciting collection of brain teasers, puzzles, riddles, games and optical illusions. With thousands of brain teasers and puzzles, over one hundred awards, BrainBashers is updated with optical illusions and games regularly and has 5 new puzzles added every other week.
Blog Basics for the Classroom is designed to provide guidance to teachers creating classroom blogs for the first time. This guide starts with an explanation of what a blog is, provides many suggestions for using a classroom blog, and concludes with step-by-step explanations for setting up a blog.
TeachersFirst: Gated Blogs for the Classroom
The Science and Technology of World War II is an interactive website provided by The National World War II Museum with funding support from General Electric. The Science and Technology of WWII provides students and teachers with lesson plans, timelines, essays, images, and learning activities about the scientific and technological developments that took place during WWII.
Science and Technology of WWII

Stop Disasters

Stop Disasters is a game designed for students to learn about natural disasters, disaster prevention, and city design. There are five game scenarios that students can play. Students can plan to prepare for hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, and tsunamis. The scenarios are set in geographically accurate contexts of Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Caribbean.

For teachers Stop Disasters provides fact sheets to distribute to students about each type of natural disaster. Stop Disasters also provides teachers with teaching guides, lesson plan ideas, and links to additional reference materials.

Stop Disasters

Confusing Words

Confusing Words is a handy little website for any student writer. Confusing Words is an index of 3210 words that are commonly confused or misused. If you're not sure if you should use the word "affect" or "effect" type either word into the Confusing Words search box and find your answer.
Confusing Words
Lite Type is a virtual keyboard that allows you type and search the web in your choice of 53 different languages. To use Lite Type select a language and begin typing. Lite Type displays a keyboard that shows you what each key on your computer's keyboard will generate. The keyboard key is displayed directly below the box in which your typed text appears.
Type and Search in your language with Free Online Multilingual Virtual Keyboard -
an easy-to-use, no password needed, synchronous shared notepad with all revisions stored
EtherPad: Realtime Collaborative Text Editing

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.


Today, Google has launched YouTube EDU, which centralizes the content from over 100 universities and colleges (get list here).  This robust collection gives you access to lectures by professors and world-renowned thought leaders, new research and campus tours. At the moment, you can access over 200 full courses from leading universities, including MIT, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Yale and  IIT/IISc.  And it's all searchable within YouTube EDU.

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

In November, Google launched  a 3D tour of Ancient Rome, circa 320 AD. The tour, produced with the help of the Rome Reborn project at the University of Virginia, features over 6,000 buildings, some rendered in fine detail, and it includes some interiors as well. The Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Basilica Julia, the Temple of Vesta -- they're all there. The video above introduces you to the tour, and shows you how to access it on Google Earth. (The software can be downloaded here). I should note that Google just held a competition that let educators develop history lessons (aimed at high school students) using elements of the 3D Tour. The winners and their lessons can be found here.

BackUp URL

| is the tool you were looking for in order to make the internet freeze! How many times have you found something on the net which you really crave and that you want to show all your friends, and when you return to the site everything has changed?


Online video has really changed the way we use the internet. If you still haven't gotten the most out of online video, then you're going to love 

With this site, you'll be able to create your customized video player, which works great for conferences and events. What's the best part? You'll be able to tape your event, and alongside it, show the slides you used for your presentation. This makes your video a lot more useful, as people who are watching it from home will be further immersed into the online conference. It's great for professors who like to use this

WordTalk - Home


WordTalk 4.2 is a free add-on for Microsoft Word that povides convenient text-to-speech.  This offers powerful editing support for writers who can listen to what they have written.  The talking spell checker is extremely helpful for writers who have difficulty identifying the correct spelling of a word from those listed in a typical spell checker.
WordTalk - Home

Tynt - Tracer

Tynt.Com, is the home to tracer. But one may ask, to trace what? Well this company provides a java code which you may easily install on your site to track what people do when they are on your website. 

Tynt - Tracer


Is using a camera something you truly excel at? Do you want to make the jump from amateur to pro, and are weighing up your available options? If you do, and you think that you have some pictures that would make a superb advertisement, then this site will let you set off on the path of monetization.

Vocaroo is a super easy way for students to record a message -- of any length -- and then place a link or an embed code on a student or teacher website. It's got to be one of the most simple ways for audio recording out there -- no registration is required and you just click "record."

Vocaroo | Record and send voice emails

Merge PDF Documents for Free!

Merge (combine) multiple PDF Documents for free Merge PDF Documents for Free! This service enables you to combine multiple PDF documents into a single one, free of charge. Information about the merge process and notable limitations: Maximum number of input files is 10 Individual file size limit is 5 MB All uploaded files are removed after the merge process has finished.
Embedr is a free service that lets anyone create a custom playlist of videos from the top video sites on the web. Now start building that playlist of your favorite Jean Claude Van Damme movie clips that are spread throughout YouTube, MySpace, Vimeo, DailyMotion and more. »

Embedr - Create Video Playlists and Embed Them - Flash Player Installation
Macintosh 512k image - Photos: Mac through the years - CNET News Twenty-five years ago, Apple released the Macintosh, and the company was never the same. The model pictured here is actually the Macintosh 512k, which was almost exactly the same as the original Macintosh introduced in January 1984, but Apple increased the memory from the 128K shipped on the original model, earning it the nickname "Fat Mac."
Scrapbooking, Free Ecards, Birthday and Greeting Cards at

Smilebox makes scrapbooking fun, easy and free! Share birthdays, holidays, special occasions, vacations, family time and more in our many fabulous designs. Choose from hundreds of digital scrapbooking layouts from leading designers including Making Memories, K & Co. and design by dani. Just add your photos, words, music, even videos, to make an online scrapbook.
Aviary - Phoenix Phoenix Image Editor From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application.
FeedJournal - The Newspaper You Always Wanted With FeedJournal you decide what gets printed in your daily newspaper! Why spend more time than necessary reading on your computer screen? Print out your favorite content in a time-tested, elegant format. You read 25% faster on paper! FeedJournal is an award-winning solution for converting Internet content to a newspaper


Think Big - Start Small / FrontPage

Think Big - Start Small / FrontPage

What is Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a trend in the use of World Wide Web technology and web design that aims to facilitate creativity, information sharing, and, most notably, collaboration among users.

Finally!!! Convert online YouTube video direct         
to PC, iPod, iPhone, PSP and Mobile

This is very cool!!! Updated constantly.
a list of the most popular bookmarks from

This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track This Now lets you submit a search query (for example, I wrote in "Veterans Day"). Then, on a map of the world, a bunch of "push-pins" appeared showing the origination point of current news stories related to that subject.

Learn English Online

U.S.A. Learns was an outgrowth of a project that was conceived by the U.S. Department of Education (ED), Office of Vocational and Adult Education, Division of Adult Education and Literacy (DAEL).  Core funding for U.S.A. Learns was provided by ED.  Additional funding for U.S.A. Learns was made available by the California Department of Education, Office of Adult Education.   

DAEL promotes programs that help American adults get the basic skills they need to be productive workers, family members, and citizens.  The major areas of support are Adult Basic Education, Adult Secondary Education, and English Language Acquisition.  These programs emphasize basic skills such as reading, writing, math, English language competency and problem-solving.

CREATE A "PHOTROPISM": At Phototropism you "create sculptures that react like plants to weather conditions." You can then email the link for posting. It's cool -- in a very weird sort of way.

skrbl for teams
Team resources for online collaboration. Powerful new features designed to let you work better together. Share resources with your team, co browse the web, annotate shared documents, video phone, skype calls ... share ideas, communicate & sync like never before. 'team-skrbl' is the next best thing to being in the same room.

Internet History Sourcebooks

The Internet History Sourcebooks Project is a collection of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts presented cleanly (without advertising or excessive layout) for educational use.

Quick answers to real classroom technology questions.

Select your operating system:

Presentations ETC Homepage

Select from over 20,000 background slides for your next presentation. Most of the images are available in both 800x600 and 1024x768 sizes. Many of the backgrounds include transparent cutouts to layer over photographs. A friendly license allows teachers and students to use up to 50 items in a single, non-commercial project without further permission.

Make A Story With Band-Aids?


A manufacturer of band-aids in the United Kingdom (I guess they call them "plasters" over there) lets you create an animated story, with text, on their site.

All the characters in the story are made of band-aids.

It's a bit strange, but cute.



BackRoom Ed Tech ~ Michelle ~

This blog will focus on educational technology and use in the classroom; Creating rich teaching and learning experiences.

ZAC is the first web browser developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS. We have made this browser for the children - for their enjoyment, enrichment, and freedom. Children touch it, use it, play it, interact with it, and experience independence through ZAC.

Create some cool effects on a photo you upload including a cube, puzzle, and many more

Wow, finally a Web collaboration tool that doesn't cost a fortune or require a cumbersome software installation Very easy to use, too!"

This is an example

A VoiceThread is an online media album that can hold essentially any type of media (images, documents and videos) and allows people to make comments in 5 different ways - using voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video (with a webcam) - and share them with anyone they wish. They can even be exported to an Archival Movie for offline use on a DVD or video-enabled MP3 player. A VoiceThread allows group conversations to be collected and shared in one place, from anywhere in the world.

Free Technology for Teachers

Here you will find a lot of games to learn french for free. The site works better with Internet Explorer 7, you need the free flash player from Adobe and the Java machine installed, then use the games to practice what you have just learnt. Enjoy! Free French Lessons. A French Course at Home. French for Beginners, French for Kids and all Free! French for free. English French Dictionary. French pronunciation.

Listen and Write is a new web tool that I think has a lot of potential for English Language Learners.

A user first chooses a text he/she wants to hear read to him/her. Many of the choices are from the Voice of America, and are both high-interest and accessible. Their levels of difficulty are also indicated.

Then the story is dictated to you, and you have to type it correctly. You can choose the speed of the reading and how often it's repeated. When you type only the correct letters actually show-up on the screen, and you can ask for hints.

Stickman, the new animation software where you control cartoon characters like puppets, so easy, effective and funny to use that both children and grown-ups use it. You can create cartoon movies, web animations, stick figure animations, game animations and music videos. Stickman includes the figure creator tool Elemento, supports export to AVI or Flash (SWF) and is just designed for people like you and me!
Icons are so ubiquitous and so much part of everyday life and the mainstream that it's easy to overlook their importance. Take the internet, for example, or even your own PC. Have a look. Without icons, the web and world as we know it would be the same. Icons are one of those under appreciated little arts. But that is soon to be remedied because the icon just got an entire search engine dedicated to it. It's called ICONLook and it searches for, what else--icons. Any icon you can think of, ICONLook will find it for you.

English Trailers


Students can watch movie trailers for popular films and then complete various language development activities related to them. It's free.

Welcome to Totlol
news icon Totlol is a brand new community-moderated video website designed to be enjoyed by those between the ages of 6 months and 6 years.

TutorialVault, as the name suggests, provides free design and coding tutorials. These run the gamut from how to color a balck and white photo using gradient maps and color blending, to how to create a vibrant wall paper and how to create an XML sitemap for a Drupal 6 site with published nodes. The vault organizes its tutorials into ten categories including Dreamweaver, Flash, CSS, photography and HTML among others. The latest additions can be found under the heading new tutorials.

Neave Planetarium - WOW!!!


The people at Neave have released a new online planetarium that allows anyone to gaze at the stars, click on them, and find out basic information like the star's name and location. Best of all, no download is required and you can start your stargazing adventure immediately. Other options available on this smooth application include the ability to change time, date and location. Orient your search through easy to click directional indicators and then surf around by simply moving the mouse wherever you'd like to go.

THIS IS COOL!!!!! Check it out Darren for your BOOK???

Leaving Audio comments on blogs..... interesting!! Might have to look into that !

Games in Learning Project


This is something we explored at Cyber Port in Hong Kong.

Also, a project developed by a participant at the conference.

Welcome to the Games in Learning project website.  

It has long been recognised that games hold an important place in learning. Interactive games engage

audiences, enabling them to understand concepts and learn information in an entertaining way.

The World Cafe

As a conversational process, the World Café is an innovative yet simple methodology for hosting conversations about questions that matter. These conversations link and build on each other as people move between groups, cross-pollinate ideas, and discover new insights into the questions or issues that are most important in their life, work, or community. As a process, the World Café can evoke and make visible the collective intelligence of any group, thus increasing people's capacity for effective action in pursuit of common aims.

Ask the Techies


D.Lee Beard answers viewer questions on how to convert songs and video into iPod compatible formats using iTunes, how to rip a DVD into a format that iMovie can read, and more.


just testing

Web English Teacher


Technospud Projects


Teachers are always looking for ways to make learning both educational yet fun for their students. And what better way to accomplish that then by participating in an Online Project!!

Online Projects allow you to not only teach a concept in your classroom but then enables you to share your results with other classrooms all over the world and compare/contrast with your own results! Students LOVE online collaboration!!

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