Final Project Introduction

This final project will form a substantial portion of your final grade.  As such, please be sure to follow all instructions and requirements.


Project requirements

·         Working code

-         See past resources

·         Proper comments


·         Proper variable names


·         Proper white space and formatting

- and

·         Proper testing evidence

-         Output copied to a testing file in your working directory

-         Must test all functionality AND incorrect inputs

-         It is the programmers job to PROVE that their code works in ALL cases


 All projects (each of you will be working on a different project) will require the implementation of a command line menu system.
The command line menu system will be programmed together in class on day 1 and we will create a new project in a new directory together.

Pseudocode (enter it into your program neatly)


WHILE input is not "Q"

Display the menu
Get user input
IF input is 'A'
Call method A
ELSE IF input is 'B'
Call method B
Display error message

Final Projects Description (Final Projects.doc) - This file will be updated with the remaining details as they become available.

Final Project Starting Code ( - this code creates a command line menu system and gets the user choice.  It should be used in all of your final projects.

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