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Feb 22nd Articles

Vancouver poised to lead world in fuel cell technology

74 miners killed, 114 injured in China coal mine blast (About 3,200 people have died in coal mine accidents last year in the country).

Feb 18th Articles


Robot details...

Robot Site
SumoBot Video
Basic Build Manual
Programming Manual

Start Programming Early - Come at lunch for help

Competition details

2012 Competition - Lessons Learned

Many teams using clear wheels - can purchase through http://www.solarbotics.com/
Some teams using different servos - fingertechrobotics.com

Parts are cheaper through both of these Canadian sites due to less shipping.

Purchased an accelerometer to use.

2010 Competition - Lessons Learned

We should build our own competition ring - MDF with latex paint and a lacquer on top.  Use printer anti-static spray to get rid of ESD.

Consider getting accelerometers to detect when we are being pushed.

We competed well and made it from the round robin into the competition round but struggled with RELIABILITY in the playoffs.  Tires fell off, sensors stopped working, etc.  Ensure your rubber tires stay on - double tires works as do blue broccoli elastics!  Gluing them on also works.

Winners were "I <3 pi" from Watson, "stealth" from Canora and Canora-2...

Watson had a standard blade and tires, always started sideways, evaded the competition by moving backwards and then turned to find the back of the competition pushing it out of the ring from behind.

Canora had steel blades with quite a swoop.  Their blade was always touching the surface.  Canora had modified their tires and glued special surfaces to their wheels.  Canora's robots could NOT be pushed sideways out of the ring as other robots could be.  Canora also had a special black fabric around their vehicle - it didn't help.  They also had faster robots - either faster motors or had done something else. 

All winners were just under 500g - weight helps!  All winners had side (extra) IR sensors and emitters.  All winners had custom code.

Great fun was had by all 3 BJM teams who scored more points than any other school (and also won more door prizes than any other school).

Tentative Field Trip Dates





Waves Lab

March 30th

Bring bathing suit, camera, notepad/pen to document the tour


Potash Mine (--)



Bus Rental (???)

Radiation Lab

April 13th

 Review decay, half-life

School Bus Rental ($65)

Diffraction Lab

April 26th

Review superposition, interference, diffraction

School Bus Rental ($65)

Dodd's Labs (Sound & Light)

May 4


School Bus Rental ($65)

Feb 7 2009 Articles

Curriculum Ties Project - Sample Presentation

Curriculum Ties Project Rubric - Word Doc

Curriculum Ties Project Rubric