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Covalent compounds lab

Here is a site with lots of molecules to peruse.  It requires Chime and RasMol. 

Here is another molecular viewer:  Molecule viewer

You will need to select the molecule of interest and wait for Java to appear.   Once your molecule appears, be sure to do the following:

1st - Select JaMM2
2nd - turn draw mode to Ball and Stick
3rd - under options, check the hydrogens box

Hold the left mouse button while moving the mouse to rotate the molecule
Hold the right mouse button while moving the mouse to enlarge or reduce the molecule

Clicking once on an atom will tell you details about that atom.

CO2 -

Ozone -

BF3 -


NH3   View image



SF6 courtesy of - View image


Chemical Log Book Word Document

Here is the word document I used to print the chart for your assignment.  You are welcome to download it and type in your assignment or you may simply hand write your assignment.

Here is the Word document

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