Grade 11 Practical and Applied Arts

With Architect Studio 3D, young architects everywhere can begin the exciting process of designing a home -- hands-on. Starting as real architects do, with a client who has lifestyle preferences and a site that has its own environmental considerations, students will use their imaginations to design their own architectural solutions.

This program takes a long time to load but it is worth it! 

Architect Studio 3D

This course is organized around 6 projects. These projects will help the students to develop the basic skills of the best practice in the industry.

Each project will contain a multitude of information. The projects and tips have come from 6 years of teaching this subject to students and teachers, as well as countless discussions with other teachers and industry professionals around the country

CPT Home Page

Technical drawings are essential to constructing everything in society from the house one lives in to the computer on a desk. These drawings, created by a draftsperson or engineer, must be understood by hundreds of other people in our society. Drafting is truly a universal language. This curriculum is designed to promote understanding and application of the graphical language used in technical drawings. Drafting will provide a foundation for future employment or post secondary education in many fields.

Drafting 20

Computer Programming
Web Scripting & Design
Operating Systems
Personal Computers
Database Applications
Productivity Applications
Information Technology Education Supersiste

No matter what your grade level or subject area, Learn Alberta's website has many resources for you.  You can find resources by grade, subject, keyword, media type, audience, language or learning resource type. 

A tutorial for Windows XP includes new elements in Windows XP, configuring the monitor, adding or deleting software, etc.

Microsoft Windows XP tutorial
Turn your photos into a unique mosaic.  Choose your own images and create an unbelievable memory!  Endless possibilities!


Knowledge Objectives
Student knows:

what is required to obtain a driver's licence;
the requirements to pass the course;
what is expected of new drivers;
what to expect from other drivers and what to do about it;
the high risk situations which can lead to accidents;
that the best way to learn to drive is through continued practice, particularly in the early stages of learning;
benefits of a learning contract;
what driving styles are;
how to conduct the pre-drive drill; and,
how to adjust a seat belt properly.

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Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection.

Pics4Learning - Tech4Learning

Browse and download lessons and demonstrations made for the Smartboard!

SMART Exchange
Just as the title suggests, this is a site to narrow down the search for webquests.  There are a variety of webquests, all categorized to correlate with the Ontario Curriculum in 2007.

Webquest Locator

GSCS Global Resources Search

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