Grade 11 Technology Education

Use this online converter to convert files from PDF, JPG, etc.  Just select up to 100MB files or URLs to convert, choose the format to convert to and the program will email the converted file to you!

Zamzar:  Free Online File Conversion

Sample topics on thsi site include Avoiding scams, Browsers, Creating and promoting web sites, E-mail programs, Great Web Sites, Glossary of Internet Terms, Search engines, Simple tips, Valuable information

About-the-web Internet Guide

Welcome to a website full of animated movies, interactive tutorials and instructional videos, all free for you to view and to embed in your website.

Animated Explanations
Lots of images for your classroom needs - all free!

Classroom Clipart allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash!  Host them on your own blog, website or intranet.  No signup, no passwords, no charge!

In this activity, students will research a political event that took place the year they were born and create their own political cartoon using a computer-based Draw program. This will open as a Microsoft Word document.

Create a Political Cartoon

Hundreds of webquests categorized by grade and subject to make your search easy. This is an incredibly user-friendly site.


Edistorm takes the metaphor of sticky notes on a boardroom wall and brings it online allowing anyone - anywhere to brainstorm with only a web browser.

Each user picks their favorite ideas and Edistorm brings the best ones forward.


Eduweb develops award-winning digital learning games and interactives about art, history, science, and technology.  Their mission is to "create exciting and effective learning experiences that hit the sweet spot where learning theory, digital technology, and fun meet." 


Eduweb Interactive Learning Games

Over 58,000 pieces of free clipart.  Each item comes with a choice of image size and format as well as complete source information for proper citations in school projects.

Free Clip Art
Choose your grade level and subject to access flashcards to test your knowledge of that area.  This is an American website so you may have visit other grade levels for any Saskatchewan subjects that are not listed for your grade level.
This site has copyright free images from a variety of sources.

Free to Use Media

Over 130000 copyright free images organized into over 3500 categories.  There will be an image here for every purpose!


The technology exploration platform for Teens!

Fresh Brain

Glogster creates a digital learning environment, where teachers and students learn technology in an easy to use and scalable format that simplifies the educational process and produces assessable multi-modal results across the curriculum spectrum.  A "Glog" is an interactive visual platform in which users create a "poster or web page" containing text, video, audio, etc.  Try the basics for free or subscribe for more options.

Glogster is an entertainment website that enables the simple creation of unique computer animated stories, satires and sentiments that can be shared with the entire online community. The site offers simple to more advanced innovative features that provide users with a multitude of possibilities for customizing their animations.

No matter what your grade level or subject area, Learn Alberta's website has many resources for you.  You can find resources by grade, subject, keyword, media type, audience, language or learning resource type. 


Resources and support for everyone interested in media and information literacy for young people.  Topics include Advertising, Stereotyping, Violence, Body Image, Gender Portrayal, and more!

Teacher Lesson Index

Memoov is a free animation creation service.  Create and share user generated animation in minutes.  No animation skills needed.  Have fun animating and sharing quickly and easily!

A tutorial for Windows XP includes new elements in Windows XP, configuring the monitor, adding or deleting software, etc.

Microsoft Windows XP tutorial
Turn your photos into a unique mosaic.  Choose your own images and create an unbelievable memory!  Endless possibilities!

Have you ever needed to take a screen shot to assist someone or change a web page into a PDF?  If so, this site is for you!  You can change any web site into a PDF instantly!


Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection.

Pics4Learning - Tech4Learning

It's Powerpoint on steroids!

Type text, embed pictures, and insert video are all features that Prezi puts forth to creators. Unlike Powerpoint, Prezi is free and extremely portable. Because it's web based, Prezi can be created and shown on any computer with web access. If there is no web access available during your presentation, a downloadable version can be obtained to show offline anywhere. No other software needed, not even flash! Prezi also performs quite well in creating a visual organizer. As they claim on their site, "With the help of Prezi you can create maps of texts, images, videos, PDFs, drawings and present in a nonlinear way."


A 'must have' site for every teacher filled with different quizzes and online fun.

Quiz Hub

If you use SMART Notebook Software, you'll need this page!  There are templates for every classroom and every need!

SMART Notebook Templates
Browse and download lessons and demonstrations made for the Smartboard!

SMART Exchange

Science and Technology

Agriculture (61) Astronomy (182) Biology (1173)
Chemistry (427) Computer Science (515) Engineering (398)
Geology (211) General Science (110) Health Sciences (491)
Information Technology (780) Nanotechnology (171) Physics (1611)
Fire Safety (1)

Browse Materials by Subject

The Winnipeg School Division has created a blog with over 400 entries for Smart Board users.

Smart Board Activities

A great list of interactive websites, Notebook activity downloads, resources and training tools for teachers to use.

Smart Board Interactive Websites
These tools will help you use your interactive whiteboard more effectively.  There are a variety of subjects covered here!

Smarter Smartboard Use
Great for Smartboard users!  Create seating plans, make jeopardy-style review games, make board games and more.


This site was designed to give teachers a practical and effective way to add a technology component to the classroom. Utilization of these technology skills will engage students while improving their grasp of educational objectives.  The computer skills should not be used in isolation, but rather, as a tool for achieving the educational objectives

Technology Skills for Teachers

This online book has TONS of great ideas for using computers and technology in the classroom.  The author asked teachers to share their ideas and these projects were compiled for all to use.  The .pdf file is easy to navigate and is worth your time!

The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book

Using video in the classroom can help students make connections and provide them with opportunities to practice media literacy and critical viewing skills.

There are many FREE videos/clips online!  On this blog is a collection of links to video-rich websites.  While this is certainly not a complete list of all the video sites on the web, it will hopefully provide you with a variety of video resources for you to use in your classroom.

Video Resources Online

You can master the virtual keyboard!  You can either play one note at a time or multiple notes.  You can choose from piano, flute, strings, drums, etc.

Virtual Keyboard
Just as the title suggests, this is a site to narrow down the search for webquests.  There are a variety of webquests, all categorized to correlate with the Ontario Curriculum in 2007.

Webquest Locator
Create organized outlines, idea maps, concept maps, flow charts, reports, and more with this free program.  Very professional-looking results!

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that is designed to let anyone easily create their own customized 3D pop-up books.  You must sign up for a username and password to create your own books.

Zoo Burst Augmented Reality 3D Pop-up Books

actDEN currrently offers ten software tutorials, produced in conjunction with Microsoft K-12 Education, and seven exciting DEN courses. Each tutorial and online course offers up-to-date information and interactive features that encourage students to learn, think, and participate in the online community.

actDEN (Digital Education Network) Software Tutorials and Online Courses

Welcome to the Internet's largest global community of connected classrooms!  Safely connect, collaborate, and learn using this protected email and blog system.  Choose a project and connect with another classroom that is researching the same thing!  Choose from Digital Storytelling, The Way We Are, Global Warming, Habitats, Maps En Espanol, Natural Disasters, Water and Weather.

ePals Global Community

GSCS Global Resources Search

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