If you go to an apple orchard today what do you think an apple tree would look like? The answer to this question is different depending upon what season it is. An apple tree in the winter is quite different from an apple tree in the fall. You will be making a book which shows what an apple tree looks like during each of the four seasons.

Apple Tree Book

In this unit you will learn about the different types of yummy apples
and discover many interesting facts about this favorite fruit. Let's go learn!!

Apple Unit

Choose from several different types of worksheets all related to the study of 'APPLES'. 

Apple Unit Worksheets

A template for collecting and displaying different types of leaves.  You can customize the information that the students need to include based on their ability.

Leaf Collecting

Browse and download lessons and demonstrations made for the Smartboard!

SMART Exchange
Trees are Terrific... Travels with Pierre is designed to help young children (5-8 years of age) gain an appreciation of trees, observe trees in their every day lives and develop an interest in learning more about trees
Trees are Terrific

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