Cells and Systems

All About Cells

Great lessons and interactive activities from "Centre of the Cell" Visitor Centre in London.  There are many games that can be used on an interactive whiteboard, such as "What organs do you need?" and "How many cells do you make in a minute?".  There is also a teacher page that lists classroom resources and links and gives teachers an opportunity to register their classes for online quizzes or cell-based research.

Cells Alive!

Models, animations, research, puzzles, quizzes - everything to do with cells!

The Children's University of Manchester is an interactive, online learning site for grades 2-6.  There are mostly science topics here but you can also learn about Ancient Egypt, Textiles, and Words.

Children's University of Manchester
Browse and download lessons and demonstrations made for the Smartboard!

SMART Exchange
An overview of the major organelles of a cell. Users can zoom in on specific organelles to learn more.
Get an up-close view of a cell.  Zoom in on specific organelles to learn more.  There are worksheets for teachers to print off and a virtual textbook with animations on a variety of topics.

The Virtual Cell

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