Grade 6 Mathematics

A to Z Teacher Stuff is a teacher-created site designed to help teachers find online resources more quickly and easily. Find lesson plans, thematic units, teacher tips, discussion forums for teachers, downloadable teaching materials & eBooks, printable worksheets and blacklines, emergent reader books, themes, and more.

A to Z Teacher Stuff

AAA Math features a comprehensive set of interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic which allows thorough mastery of the concepts. A wide range of lessons (Kindergarten through Eighth grade level) enables learning or review to occur at each individual's current level.

AAA Math

Grades 3-8 students will have a blast playing these math, geography and language arts games!  They can choose to play alone or online with students around the world.

Academic Skill Builders

The BBC has a terrific site for English, Math and Science learning.  The activities are highly interactive and engaging!

BBC BItesize KS3 Links
Bubbabrain is a question and answer review game that would work very well on an interactive whiteboard.  You can either choose from user-created questions or create your own.  Both words and images are supported.


Figure out the correct change and get as much money as you can in your piggy bank.  You can play with Canadian currency and choose your difficulty level.  The more money you get in your piggy bank, the harder the questions will get!

Change Maker

These tools are designed for teacher-facilitated, whole-class instruction in fractions.  Each tool includes a short instructional video, key vocabulary and goals along with the tool itself.

Conceptua Math

Wow, this site has it all! An amazing collection of games and activities to help any math student. Even calculus has games to enhance the skills of the students.

Math Sites

Sometimes, complicated information is difficult to understand and needs an illustration. Graphs or charts can help impress people by getting your point across quickly and visually.  Here you will find five different graphs and charts for you to use.

Create a Graph

Decimal Squares a program for teaching place values and the use of decimals. Decimal Squares was developed by Professor Albert Bennett at the University of New Hampshire. The bulk of the program is a series of classroom materials and books that are available for purchase. One aspect of Decimal Squares that you can access for free is the games section.  This section offers eight interactive games that students can use to develop their understanding of place values.

Decimal Squares
IXL's Math site is a simple Web tool that makes math study fun.  It also provides one-of-a-kind individualized learning experiences that satisfies the needs of every child.  The activities are free but teachers can also become members, enter their classes and track their students' progress. 

Elementary Math Skills Practice
Choose your grade level and subject to access flashcards to test your knowledge of that area.  This is an American website so you may have visit other grade levels for any Saskatchewan subjects that are not listed for your grade level.

Select the appropriate age of your students and choose from a variety of Mathematics, Geography, Art, Science, Language Arts, etc. games.

FunBrain Game Finder

Math and Language Arts games for Kindergarten to Grade 6.

Game Classroom
A variety of websites and games to help your students learn about money.

EconGuru for Kids
Gizmos are online simulations that power inquiry and understanding.  You can browse for math or science gizmos for students from Grade 3 to Grade 12.  These are great for whiteboard use!

An excellent site with tons of Smart Board Notebook math lessons for Elementary Math.

Harvey's Math Homepage
Lots of activities and games to help your math learners!  Topics include percentages, decimals, subtraction, geometry, and much more!
Illuminations has over 100 online activities and over 500 lesson plans available for all grade levels. 


Test your knowledge of multiples to 10 by sorting them into Carroll Diagrams.

Interactive Carroll Diagrams

Sometimes the tools that are the most simple to use are also the most powerful. Case in point, the Decimal Number Lines Tool over at Maths Online is an extremely effective learning tool to use that is also very simple in design and function. It's a perfect companion for the SMART Board.

Interactive Number Line
Use an interactive numberline to find a given number from 1-1 000 000.

Interactive Number Line
Here are some links that can be powerful whole-group instructional tools when used on an interactive whiteboard.  These are grouped by subject area and subdivided by grade levels.

Interactive Whiteboard Links
This site allows students to practice all aspects of math in a fun and pressure-free way.  Basic operations, fractions, geometry, algebra and more topics are available to you for your classroom use.

No matter what your grade level or subject area, Learn Alberta's website has many resources for you.  You can find resources by grade, subject, keyword, media type, audience, language or learning resource type. 

Mangahigh's math games are designed with math at the core! Mangahigh's scientific math games bring maths games to life! Try them now and find out what all the fuss is about. ProdigiĀ® is the world's first games-based adaptive learning system for mathematics. No other mathematics system adapts question difficulty to student ability like Prodigi does.

MangaHigh Math Games

Practice your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills with this quick game.  You can set the level of play to challenge your students.

Math Baseball

An animated, interactive dictionary for students which explains over 500 common mathematical terms in simple language.

  Math Dictionary for Kids

This website was created with two distinct audiences in mind. On the student's side, you will find flash movies that provide an overview of particular topics/concepts, online activities, printable materials, quizzes and review material. On the teacher's side, you will find all of the activities that are on the student side but you will also have access to old Saskatchewan curriculum objectives, teacher facilitated lessons and additional background information that will assist in teaching these topics of study.

Math Extension Activities Grades 6 to 9

Math Playground is an action packed site for students in grades K to 8.  Practice your math skills, watch a video, play a logic game, use online manipulatives and have some fun!

Math Playground

Math Snacks are "short animations and mini-games designed to present mathematics in a very different way".

Math Snacks

Help for any mathematic topic at any grade level!

WebMath Tutorials

A collection of review sheets and printables for all grades.  This is from's site.  Some items are only for subscribers to the site but other items are for everyone.

Math Worksheets and Printables

The 15 - 20 hour unit has students learn about data management by choosing their own topics to research and creating a presentation to share their findings with their class.  This project was created for the Grade 7 level under the former Saskatchewan Curriculum but it would still be applicable to most aspects our the new curriculum.  Students will need access to a computer for these lessons.

Math in the Real World

The interactive site was dedicated to helping educators and parents motivate their students to solve open-ended word problems, communicate mathematically, and share cultural and geographical information.

MathWorld Interactive Home Page

Mathsframe is a site with math activities for interactive whiteboards.  It was created by a teacher who grew frustrated with math software which sought to do the teaching for him.  While this site demonstrates a product that is for sale, it also has quite a few great online tools and resources for you to use.


Make your SmartBoard more interactive with these Flash animations.  Simply download one of the mini-movies for science or math and use them on your interactive whiteboards.

Mister Teacher

Just like its title suggests, this site offers online manipulatives that you can use either on an interactive whiteboard or at individual computer stations.  Resources are divided into grade levels and Concept (Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement, and Data Analysis & Probability).

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Your task is to complete the pattern in a series of numbers.  There are four levels: easy, medium, hard, and super brain. 

Number Cracker

A good site for basic math topics like basic operations, dates, ratios, money math, etc.  Each topic has a few paragraphs to explain the concept, followed by some activities to reinforce the lesson.


Busy teachers are always looking for new teaching ideas and ways to save time. The Saskatoon Public Schools OLC has compiled a list of online resources that their teachers have created or recommended. 

Online Learning Centre Resources 

Add, subtract, multiply or divide either whole numbers or decimals with these worksheets.  Pages are updated weekly so there are always new problems for your students to solve.

Operations Worksheets

Pics4Learning is a copyright-friendly image library for teachers and students. The Pics4Learning collection consists of thousands of images that have been donated by students, teachers, and amateur photographers. Unlike many Internet sites, permission has been granted for teachers and students to use all of the images donated to the Pics4Learning collection.

Pics4Learning - Tech4Learning

A simple game that lets you choose your level of knowledge about place value.

Place Value Puzzler

Use your interactive whiteboard to practice your 1-9 multiplication tables.

Practice the Times Tables

This is a self-directed course. This means you are free to set your own study hours and rate of progress. However, it also means you are solely responsible for tracking your own progress and mastering the topics as you go along.

The course is made up of 13 lessons. If you study online about six hours per week, you should be able to complete the entire course in about 4 weeks.


Browse and download lessons and demonstrations made for the Smartboard!

SMART Exchange
Teachers for grades K-8 will enjoy having these SmartBoard websites available for their students to use.  Topics include length, time, money, perimeter/area, temperature, weight, volume/surface area, and angles.

SMART Measurement Websites

Teaching Resources, Student Activities, Reproducibles, and more! | Teachers

The Science Learning Network (SLN) is an online community of educators, students, schools, science museums and other institutions demonstrating a new model for inquiry science education.  There is a list of resources developed by SLN museums.

Science Learning Network: Home

Creative teachers can use music to teach content across the curriculum -- to students of all ages. A host of educational experts brings you tested ideas for using the magic of music in your lesson plans.
This site contains thousands of pages for you to peruse -- many with lyrics, sound clips, and teaching suggestions. The top educational pros offer practical suggestions based on the latest in brain-based learning. Innovative teachers share their classroom pointers and extension activities using children's music.

Songs for Teaching: Educational Children's Music

Have you ever wondered where to find math drill worksheets? Make your own here at SuperKids for free! Simply select the type of problem, the maximum and minimum numbers to be used in the problems, then click on the button! A worksheet will be created to your specifications, ready to be printed for use.

SuperKids Math Worksheet Creator

This teacher has gathered some Notebook 10 games and demonstrations for a variety of upper elementary classrooms.

Teachers Love Smart Boards
Practice your multiplication tables with this cute game.  Can you save your picnic from the ants?

The Ants Go Marching

Word problems for grades 5-12.

The Canadian School Math Page

Free Math videos, lessons, worksheets and tutorials!

Compete in fun, educational games against other kids from all over the world!  Choose math, spelling, or algebra games and pick your level of expertise.


Choose your grade level (Kindergarten to Grade 8) to explore daily weather patterns and extreme weather conditions.

Weather Watch Activities
Just as the title suggests, this is a site to narrow down the search for webquests.  There are a variety of webquests, all categorized to correlate with the Ontario Curriculum in 2007.

Webquest Locator

Create your own addition, subtraction or multiplication worksheets and customize the number of digits and questions on each sheet.

Worksheet Generator

Number & Operations, Algebra, Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis & Probability are the topics of the games on this site.

XpMath Games
Established in late 2004, e-Learning for Kids is a global, nonprofit foundation dedicated to fun and free learning on the Internet for children ages 5 - 12. This site offers free activities in math, science, reading and keyboarding; and they're building a community for parents and educators to share innovations and insights in childhood education.

e-Learning for Kids

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