Interactions within Ecosystems


In this lesson, students will identify the causes of acid rain, research ways to reduce the negative effects of acid rain, learn about government regulation and monitoring of acid rain and investigate acidity data of surface water for different areas of the United States.

Delve into the different sections on this resource and you will find a variety of science activities and information.  There is something for everyone - including parents and teachers.  All modules are based on educational recommendations from various sources and therefore have intrinsic educational value.

Active science

Two exciting kits available for booking from the GSCS Resource Center.

Choose between Carnivores and Herbivores and Birds.

Interactive about the earth's atmosphere- change the levels of carbon dioxide, oxygen, and ozone to see the effects on the earth.

Atmosphere Design Lab

A series of lessons, worksheets, charts, and tables from Enchanted Learning's site. Some items are available to everyone but some items are only available to members of the site.

Biomes and Habitats

Rebuild one of North America's ecosystems by choosing the right plants and animals.  This requires knowledge of biology, ecology, climatology and economics.

Build a Prairie

A diagram and explanation of the Natural Carbon Cycle on Earth and the Greenhouse Effect.

Carbon Cycle
This section of sci-ber text is designed to help you learn how the energy found in food and other fuel sources helps keep things moving on earth. In addition, you will experience how the energy is changed between various forms on earth! 

Saskatchewan people will now be able to find climate change information more easily, understand climate change and learn what to do to lessen its effects.  There are many links on this site for educators, along with some Mini-Units based on the Saskatchewan's K - Grade 12 Curriculum (although these units do not reflect the recent renewal of curricula).

Climate Change Saskatchewan

Build your own sustainable community in this online simulator.  Use social, economic and environmental factors to help you make choices for the best.


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