Living organisms within local ecosystems - food webs, populations, communities

A series of lessons, worksheets, charts, and tables from Enchanted Learning's site. Some items are available to everyone but some items are only available to members of the site.

Biomes and Habitats

The Missouri Botanical Garden has developed different biome and ecosystems of the world pages. These are very user-friendly pages that list plants, animals, and other facts about the diverse areas of our world.

Biomes of the World

Rebuild one of North America's ecosystems by choosing the right plants and animals.  This requires knowledge of biology, ecology, climatology and economics.

Build a Prairie

This section of sci-ber text is designed to help you learn how the energy found in food and other fuel sources helps keep things moving on earth. In addition, you will experience how the energy is changed between various forms on earth! 

Students will conduct research about an endangered species in Canada and create a diorama to illustrate what they have learned.

Research Endangered Species Unit

Browse and download lessons and demonstrations made for the Smartboard!

SMART Exchange

GSCS Global Resources Search

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