Use maps for current issues in Canada and Pacific Rim countries

Reach the World's GeoGames and the world geography mapping rubric are powerful teaching tools that turn world geography instruction into an interactive, assessment tool for the classroom. GeoGames allows players to construct an accurate rendition of Planet Earth's major geographic features, and then print out a map. It is easy to set up for the individual student or the entire class.


This page offers interactive Flash based activities to help the user gain a number of skills in understanding maps. These activities can be used by a teacher as a demonstration tool or by the student in the classroom or at home. There are three lessons available. Clicking on the links to the left will bring up the activities.

Map Reading Activities

Browse and download lessons and demonstrations made for the Smartboard!

SMART Exchange

The Stowaway Adventure has six core activities that will teach students how to access and interpret real time marine data.  They track an actual ship on the ocean, determine its destination, predict when it will arrive at port, and predict any rough weather that might impact the ship's arrival time.

The Stowaway Adventure

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