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August 2011

August 31, 2011

Oskayak Mobile Apps Keep You Informed

apps2.pngBe cool in school (and stay in touch with everything Oskayak) with the new Oskayak mobile apps for iPod/iPhone and Android devices.  If you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can carry Oskayak in your pocket or purse.  The new Oskayak app features the entire student handbook, news feed, daily schedules as well as resource links and updates from our Facebook and Twitter pages.  Let's not forget the Calendar!  The calendar is updated dynamically so any changes made are instantly reflected in the mobile apps.  Now you won't have to show up on picture day with bead head because you forgot!  Information is power so stay informed with the new Oskayak Mobile Apps. 

August 31, 2011

BBQ @ Oskayak High School

Friday, September 2nd during the lunch hour we will be having a BBQ to celebrate the beginning of the school year and also the launching of a new mentorship program being offered to the students this year. Students past and present are welcome to attend and we hope parents and caregivers will take time to come and join us.
The BBQ is funded by Affinity Credit Union and we appreciate their generous support.
Looking forward to seeing you!
Carys Gilbertson
Grade 12 Program Facilitator
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August 22, 2011

Wrong date for registration

Sorry , not thinking yet to focused on golf and tennis.. Registration is Wednesday, August 24th between 9-3 pm. August 25th is my first day back at Oskayak..
Looking forward to seeing you all soon

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August 21, 2011

Schools out for the summer..NOT Anymore!!!

Well it is that time of year again when we start to think about our education and future plans or goals. For the students who fell a bit short last year and were unable to graduate let's focus on this year and be determined to be part of the graduating class of 2012. Some of you have only a few credits left , if you attend and remain dedicated and committed to your education things will happen. To the students moving on to Grade 12 let' s focus on making your last year of school a positive and rewarding experience. Some of you were able to attend graduation in June and many of the Oskayak graduates showed a great deal of pride, excitement and joy during the event. This school year is your opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends a major accomplishment(graduation) and it will be up to you to make it happen.
It will all start with registration on Wednesday August 25th between 9 &3pm. Classes for grade 12 in the first block will be:
PAA30, Arts Ed 30, Math 21, English A30, Cree 30, Native Studies 30.
So to avoid lines/ delays register on Wednesday!!!
If you require daycare for a child under 18 months leave your name with Veronica and I will pass you name on to Sylvia on the 25th.
Classes begin Monday , August 29th at 9:30 am.. Call me or leave me a message if you are away or unable to come in on these dates or have any concerns or questions.. (306-659-7730 or cell-306-361-5518.)
Looking forward to working and supporting you this school year!
See you soon !!!

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