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April 29, 2012

Princess Shop Dress Fittings

  • By Carys Gilbertson
May 4th and 11th are the dates we have tentatively booked for dress fittings. I will be taking 4 girls at a time and we will be trying on dresses, accessories and jewelry between 10:00 and noon. A $40 deposit is required before trying the dresses on, so I will take the girls in the order of when the money is received. Rozina, Taylor and Eva have given their deposits so the next girl paid will be able to attend the Friday dress fitting. All deposits are to be paid to Veronica in the main office. The next four girls paid will be going for dress fittings on the 11th of May. We will probably require one more date for dress fittings so please make sure you bring your money ASAP, be at school on the date scheduled and on time.
Partial service - hair, make-up/ pictures needs to be confirmed with a $20 deposit so please bring the money ASAP. Just under 2 months until graduation!!!

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