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Feast Etiquette

  1. Our school feasts are traditional.  Women staff and some chosen students will prepare the food the day of the feast and the male staff and some chosen students will serve it.
  2. Like our sweetgrass circles, women sit together in the circle on one side and men sit on the other during the feast.
  3. Bring several containers & utensils for the food that is being offered.  You may want to bring a blanket to sit on and cover your legs with.
  4. Do not talk to each other during the prayers.  This is a time for giving thanks and praying.
  5. Do not start eating until all of the food has been served.  Wait for the elder to give the signal to begin eating.
  6. Do not talk to the servers who are giving out the food.
  7. Take all of the food that is offered to you.  You cannot refuse it because the food is blessed.
  8. Be respectful and do not step over the food, the utensils or people.
  9. Take everthing that is given to you, eat what you can and give the rest away to someone that same day.  Food that is not eaten must be burned.  There will be containers available after the feast for disposal and burning.
  10. Be respectful and do not leave food lying on the ground.  Do not ask servers for more food.  Take what is given to you.
  11. Make sure that you are prepared to sit through the feast without having to be excused.  It is disrepectful to leave, especially when the elders begin praying.  Women should not sit cross legged.
  12. Women should not attend the ceremony if they are on their time.  This is out of respect for their life giving gift.  Make arrangements with someone prior to the feast to collect food for you and give them the dishes they need.
  13. Elders welcome offerings of food, tobacco, etc. ...
  14. Shake the Elder's hands when the feast is finished.