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I'm starting to get very excited for this trip, and im getting very Impatient because I want to go sooner then later...

Over the weekend I was at church to get my baby blessed by my grandmother. There I found out that my church donated $200 towards the trip for my class. They said they didn't even know I was on this trip until they read who was going along. So when I get back from New Zealand I'm going to go back and tell them all about the adventure!!

Getting Excited here!!!

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Its less then a month to go!! Then im up in the air for the first time, off to New Zealand!!! =D

Its super exciting, this will be my first time out of the country, and on a PLANE!!! I'm kinda scared about it, but I think I will be fine. I think its cause of all the scary movies I see, the planes either have crazy animals on the plane OR it just crashes!!

The past couple days this week, since last friday, have been very challenging for me!! STRESSED OUT!!!  I have no money for this trip, all my funds go towards my rent, bills, n baby Nehkaiya<3..... So I will be going to new zealand, and not coming back with anything, Heres the Grestest Part Yet! My school Hooked me up with a job @ City Centre Bingo, I'm working part time as a supervisor at the concession stand, So whatever money I will be making here will be sent to my school where they keep the money till the trip!! SO I CAN BRING MY FAMILY GIFTS!!! That makes me happy..... But man, its hard going to school full time 9-3, then weekends working from 6pm-2am, the last time i worked they kept me working till the job was done and the SUPERVISOR has alot to do (counting money, & invintory(EVERY NIGHT)). So its a big bump in the road, which i have to do if I want to bring back gifts. I want this so bad, I think its a HUGE opportunity that only comes once in a blue moon! So im working damn hard for this trip......... So please all I want is a little slack  


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