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French Language Arts 1

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 1 Core French

Communication Skills (CS)

  • 1.CS.1 Demonstrate understanding of a limited number of oral key words, familiar phrases, questions, and basic classroom instructions in French.
  • 1.CS.2 Provide limited personal information through oral expression supported by constant prompting.
    • identification of familiar objects, animals and people in his or her environment.
    • *response to a familiar questions with a previously learned answer.
    • identification of feelings and preferences using high frequency phrases or a courtesy response.
    • * use of culturally appropriate expressions for greetings and farewells.
*Note: Learning Outcomes preceded by an asterisk are also applicable in interactive situations.

  • 1.CS.3 Reproduce, with prompting and support, a single French key word in print.

Language Knowledge (LK)

  •  1.LK.1 Demonstrate acquisitions of French language concepts.
    • numbers 1-10
    • the difference between an oral question and a statement
    • knowledge of key theme-related words

Cultural Knowledge (C)

  • 1.C.1. Identify limited aspects of francophone, First Nations, and Métis cultures with prompting.

General Language Strategies (GL)

  • 1.GL.1 Use visual and auditory clues with prompting for the interpretation of a listening or viewing experience.
  • 1.GL.2 Use speaking in modeled learning situations.

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