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Religion 2

The Canadian Catechetical series that is used in GSCS Schools, Born of the Spirit, builds on the essential childhood education in faith which parents provide. The various years of the catechetical series seek to provide a progressive and systematic presentation to the basic content of the faith. They are seen as an initiation into a lifetime of growing faith.

The Year 2 program is about meeting the Lord Jesus in the Christian community as it

Unit 1: to be part of the circle of friends
Unit 2: to belong to the Lord Jesus

Unit 3: to hear the Word of God
Unit 4: to hear God's Word as Mary did
Unit 5: to profess our faith and to pray for all

eats and drinks
Unit 6: takes the bread/cup to thank God for the gifts of the earth
Unit 7: blesses God to praise and thank God for Jesus
Unit 8: breaks the bread to remember Jesus given for us
Unit 9: gives the bread/cup to eat and drink at God's table

is sent forth
Unit 10: to celebrate God everywhere

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