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English Language Arts 3

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 3 English Language Arts

Grade 3 English Language Arts Outcomes

Comprehend and Respond (CR)

  • CR3.1 Comprehend and respond to a variety of grade-level texts (including contemporary and traditional visual, oral, written, and multimedia) that address identity (e.g., Spreading My Wings), community (e.g., Hand in Hand), social responsibility (e.g., All Together) and make comparison with personal experiences.
  • CR3.2 View and respond to grade-appropriate visual and multimedia texts (including videos, cartoons, illustrations, diagrams, charts, maps, and posters) explaining reactions and connections as well as visual features that convey humour, emotion, and mood.
  •  CR3.3 Listen to and understand information, identify main ideas and supporting details, compare different ideas and points of view, and explain connections made between texts heard.
  • CR3.4 Read fluently and demonstrate comprehension of grade-appropriate fiction, script, poetry, and non-fiction from various cultures (including First Nations and Métis) and countries (including Canada) and explain reactions and connections to texts read.

Compose and Create (CC)

  • CC3.1 Compose and create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore identity (e.g., Spreading My Wings), community (e.g., Helping Others), social responsibility (e.g., Communities Around the World) and make connections across areas of study.
  • CC3.2 Communicate ideas and information pertaining to topics, problems, questions, or issues by creating easy-to-follow representations with a clear purpose.
  •  CC3.3 Speak to present ideas and information appropriately in informal (e.g., interacting appropriately with others to share ideas and opinions, complete tasks, and discuss concerns or problems) and some formal situations (e.g., giving oral explanations, delivering short, simple reports, demonstrating and describing basic procedures) for different audiences and purposes.
  • CC3.4 Write to communicate ideas, information, and experiences pertaining to a topic by creating easy-to-follow writing (including a short report, a procedure, a letter, a story, a short script, and a poem) with a clear correct paragraph structure, and interesting detail.

Assess and Reflect (AR)

  • AR3.1 Reflect on and assess their viewing, listening, reading, speaking, writing, and other representing experiences and the selected strategies they have used (e.g., using class-generated criteria).
  • AR3.2 Set personal goals to view, listen, read, speak, write, and use other forms of representing more effectively and discuss a plan for achieving them. 


Contexts and Suggested Themes and Topics for Grade 3 English Language Arts

Personal and Philosophical
      • All About Me (Personal Focus) (Cornerstones 3, a-i)
      • All Together (Personal Focus) (Cornerstones 3, b-i)
      • Keepsakes and Treasures (Remembering Special People) (Nelson Language Arts 3, i)
      • Spreading My Wings (Nelson Literacy 3)


  • Making Choices
  • My Responsibilities 

Social, Cultural, and Historical

  • Kids Canada (Social Studies Focus) (Cornerstones 3, a-iii)
  • Beginnings (Social Studies Focus) (Cornerstones 3, b-iii)
  • Hand in Hand (Helping Others) (Nelson Language Arts 3, iv)
  • Carving New Frontiers (Collections 3, v)
  • Early Settlers (Nelson Literacy 3)
  • Urban and Rural Communities (Nelson Literacy 3)


  • Communities Around the World
  • Helping Others
  • My Responsibilities
  • Beginnings
  • Special People

Imaginative and Literary

      • Just Stories (Genre Study) (Cornerstones 3, a-iv)
      • Tales - Princesses, Peas and Enchanted Trees (Collections 3, ii)
      • Just the Facts (Genre Study) (Cornerstones 3, b-iv)
      • Good Books, Good Times! (Nelson Language Arts 3, vi)
      • Silly Stories (Nelson Literacy 3)


  • Tales from Other Times and Places
  • Stories from Around the World



  • Keepsakes and Treasures (Using Language to Explore, Express, and Reflect) (Nelson Language Arts 3, i)
  • Media Mix (Examining Various Media) (Nelson Language Arts 3, iii)
  • Good Books, Good Times! (Analyzing Poems, Stories, and Folktales) (Nelson Language Arts 3, vi)


  • Magazines for Children

Environmental and Technological

  • It's Alive (Science Focus) (Cornerstones 3, a-ii)
  • Energy (Science Focus) (Cornerstones 3, b-ii)
  • Look and Discover (Learning about Plants) (Nelson Language Arts 3, ii)
  • Engineer It! (Building and Testing a Model) (Nelson Language Arts 3, v)
  • Beneath the Surface (Collections 3, iii)
  • Super Senses! (Collections 3, iv)
  • Plants (Nelson Literacy 3)
  • Forces Causing Movement (Nelson Literacy 3)


  • Plant Growth and Changes
  • Exploring Soils
  • Materials and Structures