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Social Studies 3

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 3 Social Studies

Interactions and Interdependence of Nations (IN)

  • IN3.1 Analyze daily life in a diversity of communities.
  • IN3.2 Analyze the cultures and traditions in communities studied.
  • IN3.3 Illustrate examples of interdependence of communities.

Dynamic Relationships (DR)

  • DR3.1 Use various model representations of the Earth.
  • DR3.2 Assess the degree to which the geography and related environmental and climatic factors influence the ways of living on and with the land.

Power and Authority (PA)

  • PA3.1 Compare how decisions are made in the local community and communities studied.
  • PA3.2 Demonstrate awareness that divergent viewpoints may lead to conflict as part of group interactions, and assess various means of conflict resolution.
  • PA3.3 Make generalizations about the purpose and intent of documents that define the rights of children.

Resources and Wealth (RW)

  • RW3.1 Appraise the ways communities meet their members' needs and wants.
  • RW3.2 Analyze the creation and distribution of wealth in communities studied.
  • RW3.3 Evaluate the ways in which technologies have impacted daily life.



  • Human Needs and Wants
  • Communities around the World
  • Meeting Needs through Industry and Services
  • Meeting Needs through Agriculture

Decision Making
General Resources