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Social Studies 4

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 4 Social Studies

Interactions and Interdependence of Nations (IN)

  • IN4.1 Analyze how First Nations and Métis people have shaped and continue to shape Saskatchewan.
  • IN4.2 Describe the origins of the cultural diversity in Saskatchewan communities.
  • IN4.3 Determine the influence Saskatchewan people and programs have had on a national scale.

Dynamic Relationships (DR)

  • DR4.1 Correlates the impact of the land on the lifestyles and settlement patterns of the people of Saskatchewan.
  • DR4.2 Explain the relationship of First Nations and Métis peoples with the land.
  • DR4.3 Analyze the implications of the Treaty relationship in Saskatchewan.

Power and Authority (PA)

  • PA4.1 Analyze the relationship between governance institutions in Saskatchewan and the quality of life of people in the province.
  •  PA4.2 Demonstrate an understanding of the provincial system of government.
  • PA4.3 Demonstrate an understanding of the First Nations system of governance.
  • PA4.4 Demonstrate an understanding of the Métis governance system.

Resources and Wealth (RW)

  • RW4.1 Analyze the strategies Saskatchewan people have developed to meet the challenges presented by the natural environment.
  • RW4.2 Investigate the importance of agriculture to the economy and culture of Saskatchewan.
  • RW4.3 Assess the impact of Saskatchewan resources and technological innovations on the provincial, national, and global communities.




  • Meeting Needs and Wants through Technology
  • Resources and Industry
  • Agriculture and Related Issues

Decision Making
General Resources