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Career Education 6

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 6 Career Education

Change and Growth (CG)

  • CG6.1 Investigate the influence of a positive self-image on one's life.
  • CG6.2Analyze the benefits of developing personal competence in building healthy relationships (i.e., emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical).

Connections to Community (CC)

  • CC6.1 Investigate various aspects of careers and their requirements.
  • CC6.2 Investigate and compile data to explain ways work contributes to individuals and the community.

Life and Work Plan (LW)

  • LW6.1 Examine effective practices such as responsible decision making, cooperation, and accepting diversity and predict their continued importance in one's own career.
  • LW6.2 Investigate the interrelationship of life roles.
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