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Career Education 7

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 7 Career Education

Change and Growth (CG)

  • CG7.1 Explore and draw conclusions about the influences of positive and negative self-images on one's life and work.
  • CG7.2 Develop and demonstrate the behaviours and understandings needed for building healthy relationships (i.e., emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical).

Connections to Community (CC)

  • CC7.1 Reflect on and express insights about how knowledge and skills learned in school transfer to one's future life and work.
  • CC7.2 Analyze the contributions work makes to the individual and their community, including globally.

Life and Work Plan (LW)

  • LW7.1 Investigate and demonstrate the personal qualities and abilities needed to seek, obtain, or create work.
  • LW7.2 Investigate non-traditional work scenarios involving issues such as stereotyping and discrimination to assess the impact on life and work.
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