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French Language Arts 8

Saskatchewan Curriculum - Grade 8 Core French

Communication Skills (CS)

  • 8.CS.1 Demonstrate understanding of the main idea and details in oral French multi-sentence presentations on a variety of familiar topics in guided situations.
  • 8.CS.2 Discuss a variety of information on familiar topics through oral expression in guided situations.
  • 8.CS.3 Demonstrate understanding of the main idea and many supporting details in a variety of 130-140 word multi-paragraph expository, procedural, persuasive, and narrative texts.
  • 8.CS.4 Produce 80-100 word expository, narrative, or procedural multi-paragraph French texts or scripts composed of a combination of models and original student-generated text.

Language Knowledge (LK)

  • 8.LK.1 Demonstrate acquisition of French language concepts related to themes, including:
    • numbers to 100 000 
    • fractional numbers
    • present tense regular -re verbs, singular and plural forms
    • present tense irregular -re verbs, singular and plural forms
    • reflexive verbs, singular and plural forms, present tense
    • passé composé of -er verbs with avoir
    • adverbs with -ment suffix
    • questions types: intonation, inversion, interrogative pronouns
    • transportation prepositions
    • demonstrative adjectives

Cultural Knowledge (C)

  • 8.C.1 Compare contributions of current and past French, French Canadian, First Nations and Métis individuals and organizations to Canadian society.

General Language Strategies (GL)

  • 8.GL.1 Select listening or viewing strategies in structured situations, such as:
    • asking and answering questions
    • making predictions
    • verifying comprehension
    • making connections
    • visualizing
    • summarizing
    • synthesizing
    • analyzing and evaluating
  • 8.GL.2 Select speaking strategies in structures situations, such as:
    • Model language
    • sharing
    • guided practice
    • independent practice
  • 8.GL.3 Select reading strategies in structures situations.(see 8.GL.1 for strategies)
  • 8.GL.4 Implement stages of the writing process in semi-guided situations, including idea generation, drafting, revising, editing, publishing.

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